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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Soap In My Eyes, I Can't See The Point...

Have you seen the Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash commercial where the man is taking a shower while the woman is putting on her makeup in the bathroom, and she asks him which of her friends he’d really like to “be with,” were it possible. She says she won’t get mad, she’s just curious. Wisely, the man says absolutely nothing, while she starts suggesting names. The voice over guy comes on then extolling the greatness of said body wash and then wraps it up with the line “Don’t you wish everything were that simple?” or something like that.

Now, I see the point of the commercial, but going back to the initial question from the woman – why do women ask “baiting” questions like that? Trying to pick a fight? There is absolutely nothing good that could come from such a conversation. The thought that went through my head was that if I was that guy, I’d have probably laughed and said “Hmm, I was wrong.” She would then have wondered what I meant and I would have said something like, “I used to think there were no stupid questions. I was wrong. Thanks for clearing that up.”

Yeah, Good Luck With That...

So, last night on Jay Leno, Hugh Jackman (aka, Wolverine) was scheduled to appear. Wanted to see that, but had to work, so I set my computer to record it. I did my shift, came home, and opened the mpg file. Nothin’ but gray static. Oops. I apparently setup my WinTV2000 software wrong on the last rebuild. I managed to fix that, but alas, no Wolverine…

So, time for plan B. Thanks to timeshifting on my cable, I had another chance to see it at 2:00 in the morning. So, I fixed the software, and prepared to record it. This time around it was a success. It was a good interview, and then they showed a clip from X-Men 3: The Last Stand . [Possible Spoilers ahead, unless you’ve already seen the trailer] I wasn’t sure I wanted to see any clips yet, so I watched about 5 seconds and quickly realized what they were going to show, which was the extended fastball special sequence that can be seen in the trailer highlights. So, the first time through, I looked away – didn’t want to spoil it…

But now, I have a problem. I have a X3 clip on my hard drive…and I can’t resist…must see the fastball special…opening Media Player…watching clip…and it’s great! Fantastic Wolverine line in there too. If this is any indication of the movie, it’s gonna rock. Watched the clip many times over, and it’s a very cool sequence. (also, check out Rogue in uniform on the X-team. Nice ;-) The only downside is Halle Berry as Storm yelling out “Logan!” every 5 seconds. Oh well, can’t have everything.

By the way, the clip hit the net in record time. If you haven’t seen it and want to, thanks to some links at, you can view or download the clip. If you like YouTube, you can watch it here. Or if you want to download a high quality clip that uses the Xvid codec, you can download the clip from MegaUploads here. The clip seems to run fine in Windows Media Player even without installing any special codecs. Both those options require Flash, it would seem, so if that fails, I might be able to upload it via SendFile if there are any requests…

Can’t wait for May 26 – just one more month to go…

Playoff Hockey...

Some hockey news…Ottawa wins their series, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning, so that’s one Canadian team on to the second round! New Jersey also won their series, defeating the NY Rangers to move on.

Elsewhere, Edmonton has surprisingly taken a 3-2 series lead over the Detroit Red Wings. Pronger got another 3 assists too. The Pronger, Samsonov, and Roloson deals are looking pretty good for the Oil right about now. Here’s hoping they pull out another win. Calgary also leads their series over the Ducks 3-2, so there’s another chance for a couple Canadian teams to move on.

Not looking good for Montreal though. Saku Koivu is out injured, and the ‘Canes are pretty much free running the goalie. That series is tied at 2, so it’s down to a best of 3 now. Here’s hoping for some heroics out of Montreal…

Friday, April 28, 2006

It's a Rosie View...

Rosie on the View

Personally, I can't stand the show The View, but I'm posting this cause I know some who do like the show. Apparently, Rosie O'Donnell is the one who'll be taking over for the departing Meredith Vieira who is taking over for the departing Katie Couric at NBC who is jumping ship for CBS evening news. (I'm gonna need a scorecard...)

Now, there's all kinds of jokes I could come up with regarding that show, but when jokes write themselves that easily, it's kind of like sandblasting a soda cracker...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

"Yes Brain, but if our knees bent the other way, how would we ride a bicycle?"

Animaniacs - Combined Press Release For Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain

Just had to mention this...Oh man, these were funny shows. I loved Pinky and the Brain - some of those "pondering" responses from Pinky were so off the wall :) and the Animaniacs were a riot...

Anyway, start saving now - each DVD set of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain are going to run $44.98.

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's The Playoffs...

Yes! Montreal beats Carolina 6-5 in OT to go up 2-0 in their first round playoff series. Didn’t look like Montreal would do it there for a while, after Carolina battled back to tie it. But Michael Ryder scored to send Montreal back to home ice up 2-0 in the series. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Carolina was by far the superior team in the regular season, but that’s what I love about the playoffs. Anything can happen. Not only that, but Edmonton actually tied their series at 1 apiece the other night. Right now, I’m just cheering on all the Canadian teams. However, if Calgary and Edmonton happened to meet in the playoffs, I’ll be cheering for the Oil. So come on Edmonton and Montreal – gotta cheer for the underdogs!

I'm A Gas When I'm Not Solid...

Hey, look at that...Blogger has decided to work again. Good thing it’s free…

Color Me Tested...

I took this personality test I found via Blythe's Blog. If you move your mouse over each color in the bar, it shows what it means. It actually came out quite close in the full report here. However, what really cracked me up was when I moved my mouse over the last color and it said I was "Slightly Functional." I think it means it in a different way, but it was pretty funny...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good Quote...

Leave it to Roger Ebert to use a quote from Lord Byron in a review of American Dreamz - "And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'tis that I may not weep." Good quote. I like satire, so this flick may go on my rental list...not near the top, mind you...

Old Time Hockey...

The NHL Playoffs are off to a roaring start. Watched the Ottawa / Tampa game, and it was a good one. For two periods, it looked like the same old Ottawa team of years gone by that stuttered in the playoffs. Then they broke loose for 4 goals and won the game. Lots of back and forth action in that one too. Then Edmonton lost in OT to Detroit (not a surprise, I'll be shocked if Edmonton wins that series). Then in the late game, Calgary beat Anaheim in an OT thriller on home ice. Good games to watch, and a lot more flow to them than in recent years. It looks like the refs are calling the game the same as the regular season, which is good. It used to be that as soon as the playoffs rolled around, in came boring clutch and grab hockey in force. Hope they keep this better style up.

Inspired by the good hockey action, I hit the net again and searched to find any plausible way of playing my old favorite EA game NHL 95 in Windows XP. I actually found a report of a way to do it, and thanks to VDMSound program, it actually works! YES! Finally, I can play old DOS games on miserable Windows systems. I had tried DOSBox, but it took too much system resources to pull off, even with a Pentium 4. Ironically, though, for a emulator with the word Sound in its name, I can only play NHL 95 with no sound, or it locks up. But who needs sound if the rest of it actually runs well? About time I cracked this I just wonder what other old games I can run with it...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Tales of the Stranger: Episode 6

Well, almost at the end now of this story arc. Closest I’ve ever got to actually completing a story. :) I’ve got the last line too, now I just have to write the final episode. Enjoy episode 6 here for what it’s worth, if you can. Comments always welcome...

A Lot On The Line by Eaglewing

There was silence on the line, then a startled gasp as she realized who it was.

“Frosty?! Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” His voice went through the wires tired, but with resolve. Sure, he was surprised it had been her that answered the phone, but now that he had her on the line, he was determined to talk with her for a bit. Just a little while, ‘cause he hadn’t been lying when he said it was good to hear her voice.

“Where are you? Why did you…or were you calling for somebody else?” she asked, as it dawned on her that he probably hadn’t expected to get her on the line.

“Um…maybe. But not now. Not really interested in talking to anyone else.” That was the truth. He was still getting over the fact she had answered the phone. It didn’t make sense. Still, he had been wondering something for a while, so he figured he may as well ask the source, being he suddenly had the chance. “Um…how’re you doing these days?”

There was no response for a minute, then he heard the noise in the background get quiet and what sounded like a door closing. On the other end of the line, she had indeed closed the office door, and locked it, before sitting down. She had never known if she’d hear from him again, and she wasn’t about to be interrupted.

She also knew exactly what his question was alluding to, and she paused before saying, “Ok…good, you know? I mean, better than…well, good. I’m good again. Thanks.” She finally said softly.

“Good to hear. So no more wrong end of the chandelier nights, right?”

She laughed. “Right. No more of that. Now I just put one foot down and keep going, as best I can.”

Neither said anything for a second before she asked, “What about you? Find any other places to get warm or are there still those ‘lost in a snowstorm’ kind of nights?”

“Nah, still a little lost, still cold. I think that night was the only time in a long time I’ve been warm.”

She didn’t know what to say to that, so she tried for a lighthearted joke. “Well, you were the one that made the fire.”

“It wasn’t the fire.” That just kind of came out, surprising even him. He hadn’t meant to say something to that effect that fast. He thought the phone booth was suddenly getting a little warm, so he thought about changing the subject. Of course, he couldn’t hear the sudden increased heartbeat on the other end of the line, although she wouldn’t have doubted for a second if he told her he could. Before she could respond, he spoke again.

“So, how come you’re at the church? I did dial the right number, didn’t I?”

“Yes, I suppose you did. I do volunteer work here sometimes…help out with projects and things…whatever I can, I guess. The pastor and his wife helped me out a lot – even managed to keep the house – so I felt it was the least I could do.”

“That’s good. Sounds like things came together a bit for you. Told you it was worth looking around for a little help.” He laughed lightly, “I bet you even got some of those proper mailbox stickers too.”

“No...No, I didn’t.” Her voice got quiet again as she remembered seeing his message that morning. “I couldn’t cover up what you did. I see it every day, and it reminds me where I was that night and to keep going.”

He marveled quietly at that as he thought back on that morning and writing the words “One foot down” on the side of that mailbox. How did he lose sight of his own advice? It was comforting to know someone else had listened and used it though. Maybe there was a point to this disconnected maze life had to offer.

“You know,” she continued slowly, “I think about that cold night a lot. Where I was, and where I was headed. And then you…I guess I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for you. And then you were gone before I could even thank you. I thought I’d never hear from you again, and I hated that thought. I’m so glad I picked up this phone. I wish you had stayed. There’s so much I’ve wanted to say to you, ask you, and now I can’t think. So in case I don’t get another chance, let me just say, Thank You.”

That hit him harder than he thought it would. He hadn’t really spent much time thinking about how that night came to be, and how one night of his life had meant so much to one other person. He was now. It meant a lot to him to hear it. It made him think it might have all been worth it.

“Anytime, Robyn. Anytime.” He paused, and tried to think of what to say next. He wasn’t used to, or good at, the touchy feely stuff; and here he was discussing more of it in one phone call than he had in years. “Look, I’m kind of running out of quarters here. I have to go soon, but you know…um…I’ve been thinking…” He paused again.

“Yes?” She asked hopefully.

“Well, I’ve got something I still need to do, but after, I was thinking…maybe, if you wouldn’t mind an old, worn-out cowboy hanging around for a bit, maybe I’d come around sometime soon and look you up.”

He could hear the smile in her voice as she answered quickly, “I really wish you would. I wouldn’t mind at all. Really, look me up. Soon. I’ll be looking for you.”

“Ok,” he chuckled, relieved, before she spoke again. “Wait. Write down my home number…”

She told it to him and he hurriedly scribbled it down. “Ok, thanks, I got it. It was good talking with you. I’ll see you around, ok?”

“You do that. Don’t be a stranger, ok?”

It’d been a while, but he had to smile at that. “Ok. Goodbye, Robyn.”

“Goodbye.” She heard the click as the line went dead a fraction of a second too soon. “Wait!” She yelled into dead air. “What’s your name?” she whispered to no one, as she sat there still feeling the shock and newfound hope she’d see his face again.

He stepped out of that phone booth feeling better than he had in a long time. Oh, his wounds still hurt, but he didn’t mind it. For the first time in a long time, he had things to do, a purpose, and a reason. Sure, one thing would be incredibly difficult to do, and one would be incredibly easy, but he was ready to face it. He grabbed the phone book, looked up the closest bus depot, and headed that way.

He spent another night on another Greyhound catching some sleep and counting down the miles. He rode to the end of the line, and a cab ride later he was standing in front of a house of an old friend who was one of the few left from another life he still trusted. He took a look at the rising sun and hoping he wasn’t too early, he knocked on the door. An old man, aided in his walk by an even older cane, came to the door. He wore a look of mild surprise upon seeing the Stranger.

“Hey, Stranger. This is unexpected.”

“Hi, Cookie. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t make it back, did you?”

“Nah, not really. You’ve surprised me before. What’re you doin’ back?”

“Unfinished business. I need my wheels. How’s the Cougar?”

“Lonely. I did what you asked and took real good care of her. Come on out to the garage.”

The two took their time walking to the stand-alone garage at the rear of the house. Cookie didn’t asked the Stranger where he’d been or why, and the Stranger didn’t ask Cookie how things had been in the time he’d been gone. They had a history together, and Cookie had taught him a lot back in the day. However, neither one was into digging deep into other people’s affairs, and each expected the same respect in return.

Cookie opened the garage door to reveal the sleek and shiny ’68 Cougar GTE. Including the mementos in the trunk, it was the only thing the Stranger had kept from a former life, and now he needed it again. Besides, he was tired of riding buses, especially now that he was in a hurry.

Cookie handed the keys to the Stranger and smiled. “She’s been waiting for you to get back here. I used the money you sent and kept her in good shape, she’s ready to roll. I expect you got some miles to make?”

“Yep, sure do.”

“Gonna make a stop first?” It was the closest Cookie would come to prying.

“Yes. It’s why I’m back. Make it right. Then I got some place I need to be.”

“Good. I’d have had to kick your ass if you weren’t gonna stop a second time. Come in to the house, though, and grab a beer with me before you go. Then get yourself to where you need to be. Don’t be wastin’ time if you finally got it figured out.”

“Sure thing, Cookie. And thanks for what you did. I appreciate it.”

A couple hours later, the Stranger drove the Cougar to his last stop. Pulling off the road slowly onto a winding driveway, he looked around at the green grass and stone laid out on both sides of the pavement. He guided the car to the side, stopped, and put it in park, having finally narrowed the distance of this journey from miles down to mere feet.

He sat there, bone still, and looked out the car window at the gravestone marker. The engine was still running, the radio still on, as EmmyLou Harris softly wailed the Steve Earle penned tune 'Goodbye', and he couldn't stop thinking about that word. He'd been running a long time, always coming up with another reason not to come here and do this. To finally say goodbye. The engine was still running, and like before, he could just keep going and not say it.

Then he ruled it out. It wouldn’t be easy, but some things shouldn't be left unsaid, even if you weren't exactly sure the person who you were talking to could hear you.

Time to make things right.

He turned off the engine and got out. Slowly he walked to where the granite marker stood. To where she lay.

He knelt down and brushed some dirt from the stone. Taking a moment, he started to talk…

The End.

To Be Continued in this series finale, Episode 7 – Coming Soon!

I'm Living In a Jet Plane...

Jumbo architecture turns jet into dream home - Yahoo! News

Interesting story. They're converting a 747 plane into a house. I like the recycling idea, though it'll be expensive to complete...

"The wings will be the main house. The cockpit will become a meditation temple, the jet's trademark hump will become a loft and the remaining scrap will be used for more buildings."

"Think about the airplane as a giant aluminium can. It's 100 percent recyclable product. It represents an abandoned infrastructure unutilized, billions of dollars of research and development that went into the plane, a 200-million dollar airplane, that you can buy for 40,000 dollars."

Here and There...

Well, haven’t had much interesting to say lately…hence the lack of blogging. However, here’s a few interesting notes:

After all the good stuff coming along for X-Men 3, here’s a bit of a blue note – the reported running time is 103 minutes (1 hour, 43 min.). That’s a half hour shorter than X2, and a minute shorter than X1. This is yet to be officially confirmed, so I’m hoping someone just fell asleep at the stopwatch. If true, this doesn’t bode well when you think about it. Most fans thought the first one was too short, but it was the first one, had to explain origins, and had certain mandates from the studio, so it could be understood. The second one felt like they tried to shoehorn too much plot in, but considering what story they were trying to tell, 133 minutes was pretty good. Now they have the third one in what is supposed to wrap up the trilogy, and it’s the shortest one yet?! The have to introduce Beast, Angel, and Juggernaut, deal with various storylines, and try to tell a coherent Dark Phoenix story to boot? All within the shortest running time yet? Either there’s going to be a triple dip DVD with all the uncut footage, or that compacted schedule really took its toll…

Put this in your “Who’d a thunk it?” file. Via an article at The Movie Blog, Steven Seagal (yes, THAT Seagal), is releasing an album. A music album. Where he sings. I guess he did show flashes of musical possibility in the flick Fire Down Below, and since he hasn’t released a good movie since, I guess it’s time to branch out a bit. The funny thing is that after reading most comments I’ve come across and listening to some of the 30 second clips, it seems to be a general consensus of shock of just how much this doesn’t suck as bad as you’d expect. In fact, the clip of My Time Is Numbered was actually pretty good. The tunes seem to have a bluesy, southern sound, and some of it actually works. Who knew?

The Maple Leafs fired coach Pat Quinn. This really isn’t a surprise. Unless he won the cup, he was on his way out, and missing the playoffs sealed it. Sure, John Ferguson should carry some of the blame too as it was him that assembled such a sorry team, but the fact that the Leafs sucked so badly in January/February and then turned it on at the end to make it interesting with a heck of a final run shows that this team could play well. The fact that they didn’t looks bad on the coach. Of course, the team that played well was mostly youngsters and not the group of misfits signed by Ferguson. It’s too bad Leafs management didn’t boot Ferguson as well and start from scratch. Oh well, welcome to the Paul Maurice era as Leafs coach. On a different note, it was nice to see JS Aubin play so well in goal for the Leafs down the stretch and almost single-handedly get them into the playoffs. At least he got rewarded with a contract for next season. It’s just sad that they didn’t have him up with the team earlier. I remember telling a friend last September when we were talking hockey that Aubin was way better than Tellqvist in net and that he shouldn’t have been sent down. I saw that in training camp highlights on TV, and it took Leafs management till the end of the season to figure it out. If only they’d ask me first :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Time Don't Never Answer Nothing New

I'm just passin' time
With everyone I meet
I'm just passin' time
As I wander through the streets
I'm just passin' time
Wrestlin' with thoughts that fight my sleep
She left behind
I'm just passin' time

I'm just passin' time
Inside these empty rooms
I'm just passin' time
Where small, lost hopes still loom
Just passin' time
Appears unlikely to heal any wounds
Of this kind
I'm just passin' time

Time hangs around more everyday
While I keep searchin' for a place
That old thoughts might stay
And not just end up
Right back in my heart's way

Time don't never answer nothing new
Least not here lately
In any way that I could use
For figurin' out
What's left to lose

I'm just passin' time
With everyone I meet
I'm just passin' time
As I wander through the streets
I'm just passin' time
Wrestlin' with thoughts that fight my sleep
She left behind
I'm just passin' time

Words & Music by Dwight Yoakam
Album: Blame The Vain

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Behind The Bag...

Re-creating a classic - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

This is a great story. Shows what a little creativity, the old Nintendo RBI Baseball game, an emulator, and patience can do. This guy made a video recreating the classic Buckner moment in Red Sox history using the old, old RBI Baseball game and overdubbing the actual audio call from the announcer. Talk about determination too - it took him 200 tries to get Keith Hernandez to hit a ball to centre field to get it right. The best part of the story is that he used the video to show what he could do and got a job as a result.

Thanks to technology and services like YouTube and the internet, just about anybody can create anything and share it with the world nowadays. Pretty cool...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

X3 Video At MSN

X-Men: The Last Stand Behind The Scenes Video

Via ComingSoon.Net, there's a video of the behind the scenes shooting of X3 that took place in December '05 in Vancouver. Includes interviews with Ratner, Jackman, and Famke Janssen. It's a look at the shooting of the one of the final scenes, so SPOILER warning may apply. I muted it when they yelled action, but that part was short, and didn't show much you haven't seen in the trailers. It was more showing scene setup and talking to the actors. It was good to hear Ratner saying the right things about how it's all about the plot, and not having action set pieces just for the sake of it.

I'm really getting excited to see this, and it looks promising from everything that's been released about it so far. Ratner and cast just might pull off what the fans thought was impossible - a good movie on a compacted schedule. I am surprised there isn't more marketing hype about it though, and even the website is pretty dull and doesn't contain much. Compared to the promotion of X2 and that website, it really has some ground to catchup. It's only about 40 days to go to the release date, so FOX better crank the hype machine into gear :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Take Stock: Windows Down, Oil Is Up

Wound up having to format and reload the hard drives of both my machines, so I am now staggering back to the world of the online living. You know you've got Windows crashing problems when you can't even Crtl-Alt-Del to get the task manager anymore. Anyway, got lucky and figured out what was wrong and did the rebuild. Seems standard fare for crappy Windows about every six months...

Hopefully, I'll get some more posts up if I can think of anything interesting again...

On a good note, my fave Edmonton Oilers clinched a playoff spot tonight. Too bad it had to come at the expense of the Vancouver Canucks, as I like it when all the Canadian teams make it in, but at least the Oil are in!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Me-Mini Movie Reviews: L.A. Confidential

Caught the stellar flick L.A. Confidential again the other night. This was a big movie in 1997, and I had seen it before on video, probably back in ’98 or so. I’d forgotten just how good this movie was. Back then I didn’t really appreciate what noir films were all about, but I’m getting older now :)

It’s a modern film noir set in the ‘50s (great looking cars :) with a heckuva cast – Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pierce, Kim Bassinger, James Cromwell, Danny Devito, and more. There’s corruption, twists, turns, and a few cops eventually trying to do the right thing as they just can’t let the Night Owl murder case go. My favorite character is Bud White, played by Russell Crowe. He’s an old school, tough cop, who knows his limitations. He doesn’t think he’s smart, but he is and figures it out and makes his stand.

As a side note, watching Crowe play this part, I can easily see why comic fans at the time of the casting of the first X-Men movie were nominating him to be the one to play the part of Wolverine. Of course, Hugh Jackman got the role, and I can’t really see anyone else doing it but him. However, I think Crowe would have done an excellent job, but I don’t think he would have ever taken the part at the time. Comic book movies had yet to reach the blockbuster status they enjoy now, which ironically, the first Blade and X-Men movies opened the door for.

Back to L.A. Confidential, Kim Bassinger is fantastic as well, playing the part of a Veronica Lake look alike while This Gun For Hire plays on a TV behind her. Kevin Spacey’s role is intriguing too, and one of the best scenes is when he whispers the name “Rollo Tommasi” and smiles, and you just know he got his validation and had the satisfaction of knowing he had set the wheels of justice in motion. (Also a side note - Spacey's a great actor and I can't wait to see what he'll do with the Lex Luthor role in this summer's Superman Returns. He'll probably be more interesting to watch than Supes.)

A great film noir, and just great film-making period. Great plot, twists and turns, character development, morally ambiguous character decisions, and of course, those great looking cars (and dames :) of the ‘50s. Oh, and I'd take that trip to Arizona too...

Verdict: Recommended
MPAA Rating: R

I'll Take Some Aluminum Foil & A Hat To Match

So, the other night I’m sitting here, doing nothing exciting, when a good friend of mine calls me up. To protect the innocent in this funny story, I shall call this friend…um…let’s see…ah yes, Bruno. I shall call this friend “Bruno.” Also, to protect the innocent, I shall simply refer to Bruno as “It” whenever pronoun usage is called for.

So, the phone rings and I answer it. Bruno is on the other end of the line, laughingly worrying that It has gone out of It’s mind. As It relayed the story to me, it was revealed that Bruno was leaving work, walking to the car, and saw a circular ‘light’, of a sort, somewhere at a height that can best be described as tree level. As Bruno didn’t know others around all that well, It kept this info to Itself. There were only two other cars in the garage area, and nobody else was around. Thinking it might be a promo “Batman” like spot light from a nearby street, Bruno shrugged it off and started driving. Something caught Bruno’s eye, and wouldn’t you know it, this light had followed the car down the street and was doing (from what I could gather – the cell phone connection sucked) a circular following pattern. By now, Bruno had removed the earpiece of the cellphone, and any other reflective items It could think of, and was now starting to get weirded out. There was no logical explanation at this point.

So, Bruno calls me, the Eaglewing, and relays the story. I jokingly asked Bruno if It was wearing an aluminum foil hat. Unfortunately, no foil was to be had, so whatever this light entity was, it had a clear shot at ‘hearing’ our conversation. (haha). So, I asked Bruno to take another look out the window of the car and see if it was still about. Bruno was reluctant, as It wasn’t sure It wanted to see the light again :) So, I worked up some good mojo, and told Bruno that It now had the power of the Eaglewing on the line (or was it air? Two cell phones and all), so don’t worry about it, and take a look.

Sadly, the light was gone. Throughout the rest of the conversation, it did not reappear and Bruno reached home safely and light free. Neither one of us could come up with any suggestion as to what it could have been. Light spots in the eye? Optical illusion? A reflection? Nothing added up, and planes and spotlights and such could be ruled out because of the height. I don’t doubt Bruno’s story. If Bruno said there was a hovering light to see, there was a hovering light to see. Bruno can be a ‘fun wacky’ sort, but Bruno is not crazy. Any suggestions what could cause something like that?

Anyway, we both had a good laugh about it, and it was Bruno’s suggestion the story wind up on the blog. A weird thing to be sure, but it kind of made my night ;-) If you read this Bruno, feel free to comment if I’ve got any details wrong. Either way, it’ll be chalked up as one more, of many, interesting tales in the life of my good friend Bruno…

Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Wild Thing...You Walk Everything"

One of the few good things about summer is that I love watching baseball games on TV. I don't really have a favorite team, just like watching interesting games. Watched most of the San Francisco vs Atlanta ball game today. Interesting game…SF was up 8-0 at one point, I think. Then Atlanta battled back to make it 8-4. Things were looking up for ATL, until they put Joey Devine on the mound to pitch. That was almost hard to watch. He only pitched for 2/3 of an inning, while SF batted around the order. The poor kid was all over the place with his pitches, with a couple sailing well wide, bypassing the catcher and hitting the backstop. It reminded me of that great call from Bob Uecker in the movie Major League as the ball thrown by Charlie Sheen’s character goes way wide of the plate and Bob (the announcer) calmly goes “Juuuust a bit outside.” That was always one of my fave movie quotes. By the way, Joey wasn’t the only pitcher throwing stuff wide this game. I haven’t seen that many wild pitches outside of a game of Tony LaRussa Baseball 3

Anyway, I was surprised ATL left the kid in there for as long as they did. They finally pulled him, put Kenny Ray in, and he got the last out of that half of the inning for the Braves. The final score wound up being 12-6 for SF. Joey Devine now has an unsightly season ERA of 63.00. Ouch. Hopefully he can get his stuff together and find the strike zone next time…

Thursday, April 06, 2006

They Should Make A Pill For That...

New ring around Uranus is blue - Yahoo! News

"The newly discovered outer ring of Uranus is bright blue, for the same reason the Earth's sky is blue -- it is made up of tiny particles, astronomers said on Thursday."

Ok, nice scientific discovery and all, but the headline was funnier...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Me-Mini Movie Reviews: The Ice Harvest

Finally got to see the movie The Ice Harvest. Featuring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Connie Nielsen, it’s a pretty good movie in the vein of classic film noirs with an edge of a dark comedy. The story revolves around a lawyer trying to swindle 2 million from the mob he works for and get out of Wichita Falls on an icy Christmas Eve. There are wacky moments, serious moments, and some truly funny moments too – if you have a dark sense of humor. It’s a little slow at the beginning, but if you stick with it, the story and characters become more intriguing and you wonder how it’s all going to end.

The DVD contains 2 alternate endings, which would have given the whole thing a much different feel. They chose the lesser ‘pure noir’ ending of the three, but I think in this case, it works. Plus, they get kudos from me for rolling into the credits with a Peter Wolf version of one of my favorite Patty Loveless songs, “Nothin’ But The Wheel.” Hadn’t heard that song in a while – nice to see it used so well to wrap up a movie. This is one soundtrack that goes on my CD wishlist.

Verdict: Recommended. (Especially for noir or dark comedy fans. Plus, you can never go wrong with a John Cusack flick.)
MPAA Rating: R.

What Are You Looking At?

So, I’m flipping through the channels and catch a bit of the movie Spanglish. It’s the part where Flor and her daughter are getting off the bus at the new school, I think. Nice shot, good scenery, and it featured Paz Vega, which is never a bad thing.

Of course, what am I looking at? I’m ignoring the dialogue and watching the background. As the bus pulls away from the tree, I’m thinking, “Hey, that’s a Natural Gas bus. That’d be a good thing in L.A.”

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Yahoo! Top Stories - Howard Stern Lashes Out at Some Fans

"Howard Stern is angry more fans haven't followed him to satellite radio. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 52-year-old shock jock lashes out at those of his fan base who haven't made the transition to Sirius Satellite Radio."

Well, duh. It would take a certain type of person to follow an over-rated radio personality from free radio to a subscription fee service. According to the article, there are 4 million of that type of person out there, which is a bit disturbing. He should be glad he's got that many subscribers. Instead, he whines about those that haven't signed up and calls them cheap. Geez, shut up already.....on the upside, at least there are some people who are now absorbing something else with their gray matter...