Monday, September 10, 2007

Me Mini Movie Reviews: Jackie Brown

One of Tarantino's movies that he did before going the way of unedited half movies in theatrical runs, Jackie Brown was the third movie he put out and it comes in as something a little different. I actually quite enjoyed the movie as it is more of a good crime caper flick channeling Elmore Leonard (the movie is based on one of his books - "Rum Punch") than the usual Tarantino experience.

It focuses on Pam Grier's character - Jackie Brown, a flight attendant running illegal cross border cash deliveries for a fast talking gun runner played by Sam Jackson. Michael Keaton plays an ATF agent intent on catching the gun runner and using Grier to do it. Robert Forster is a street wise and world weary bail bondsman that gets involved in the money mess as well. Jackson wants his dirty money in Mexico brought to him in the states, and Grier is his means to an end. Everyone is after something, and the game is on to see who makes out well in the end.

The plot is good and you're not entirely sure who is going to make it. The characters are great, especially Grier, Keaton, and Forster. Jackson does his usual thing, and its fun to watch. There is the odd casting of Robert DeNiro in a throwaway part as a stoner partnering with Jackson. It could have been played by anybody, and is basically used to bring in some of the more Tarantino moments, and there are certainly those noticable bits (obscure movie trivia, lots of talking, and of course a close up of a woman's feet), but it works overall.

In the end though, it's more about the well acted characters and the crime caper plot than Tarantino's ego, and it's a fun movie to watch. I may not be a hardcore QT fan, but I do like QT's films for the most part, and can appreciate his enthusiasm for movies. Jackie Brown may not be his most popular flick, but it may be the most solid and straight forward and watchable movie for those that aren't into the QT oeuvre. It's certainly worth the watch for crime caper fans.

Verdict: Recommended. Rated R.

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Anonymous Marina said ... (September 11, 2007 2:56 PM) : 

This is another one on my TBW list. That list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter...


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (September 11, 2007 5:42 PM) : 

too true. the only upside of getting sick here was viewing a few on my list...


Blogger The Beej said ... (March 17, 2008 3:46 PM) : 

Hey Eaglewing,
I found your blog because I have been searching for sites that mention Johnny Cash. I am currently promoting the extended cut release of Walk The Line.

Anyway, I read through your reviews and really like your style of reviewing. Would you be interested in reviewing a copy of Walk The Line?

If so, email me back at - I couldn't find your email on your page so I hope leaving a comment works in getting in contact with you.

BJ DeHut


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