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Me Mini Movie Reviews: Don't Come Knocking

Don’t Come Knocking

This was a pleasant surprise of a movie. It’s not for everybody, but I enjoyed it. It’s a modern western tale of an aging, once-famous, cowboy actor, played by Sam Shephard, “coming to the end of…something” and trying to piece his life together into something he can live with.

One day, on the set of a movie, Howard Spence (Sam Shephard) decides he’s had enough and just up and leaves. No one can find him on set, and so an insurance agent, played by Tim Roth, is dispatched to track him down. Howard, though, heads for home and to see his mother that he hasn’t seen in years. His mother, played wonderfully by Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest fame), gives him a place to hide for a brief interlude while also letting slip that he has a son in Butte, Montana. Howard didn’t know, and the shock of the news seems to set him on the path to trying to figure out where his life has gone and what to do with the rest of it. He heads to Montana, and that is where the bulk of the story takes place amongst a handful of colorful characters trying to sort out the connecting paths they seem to be on.

The movie is definitely slow paced, and the editing could have used some work, as it’s a little disjointed at the beginning until you get a sense of the characters. Once you’re into the story though, it’s worth the trip. The cinematography of Montana and the soundtrack are worth the spin of the DVD alone. The music is fantastic, overseen by music producer T Bone Burnett, and includes the title song “Don’t Come Knocking” written by Bono of U2 and sung by him with Andrea of the Coors.

The actors are all top notch, especially the veterans. Sam Shepherd, who also wrote the movie, along with Jessica Lange, and Eva Marie Saint, are perfect in their roles. Tim Roth plays a by the book, yet quirky, insurance agent who is determined to find Howard and bring him back to the movie set to finish his contract. Gabrielle Mann plays the angry son to a T. However, it’s Sarah Polley that comes across the best of the younger actors with an understated and level headed portrayal of the young girl with a connection to Howard who is probably the most well balanced of the bunch.

Don’t Come Knocking is a meandering, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, tale of a man trying to figure out what his life has meant. It’s a great looking movie with really good music and well-written dialogue. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s certainly worth the viewing if you don’t mind slow paced character revelations or, like me, anything remotely western.

Verdict: Recommended. Definately worth the rental.

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