Monday, March 23, 2009

Checkin' In

Just a quick placeholder post. Still here - almost recovered from the flu bout, but still sleeping a lot. Guess the body knows when it has to repair. Had the building mangers on plumbing detail lately with a day without water and today having to wait for them to come by and do a look under the sinks in my unit. Guess they'll sleep better having checked, but it didn't help my sleep pattern any. Especially when they say it starts at 9 am and show up at noon. Wear a watch, people. Ok, rant over.

Got a good opening line for a story from Pappy in the comments of the last post, and I do like a writing challenge so I'll be coming up with something. I know what the last line will be, I just have to write the middle now.

Back for more sleep and then work again. Hope to get back into blogging again with some new posts later in the week...

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