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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar The Grouch

The Oscars were tonight...anybody notice? Yeah, that's what I thought. I didn't watch the show (who could?), though I guess I should have considering I do need to get caught up on some sleep.

I caught the Hugh Jackman opening number, which was pretty good, on YouTube, but other than that, who besides die hards are going to watch? I might have tuned in had any movies I was interested in been nominated, but movies like Dark Knight, The Wrestler, and Gran Torino among others are ignored in favor of the usual selection of biopics and period pieces the Academy seem to like a lot.

For my money, The Wrestler was movie of the year and Mickey Rourke didn't even win Best Actor which was the only race I was interested in. That's highway robbery right there. Most of the other movies nominated I really have no interest in seeing. They scream boredom to me. I'm not saying they're not good movies, just that they don't interest me.

And that's the thing. They want more people to be interested in the Oscars, but then they show how out of touch they are. No one's saying they need to nominate Norbit or equal drivel, just widen the scope a bit.

How Slumdog Millionaire is best picture of 2008 is beyond me. But then the Oscars are always consistent...if not correct.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Bits

Favorite song lyric of the night: "She ain't ashamed to be a woman, or afraid to be a friend..." Any guesses? No Google allowed...

Tonight one of the chips fell...the right way, for a change. Onward.

Came home from work and sat down and read for three straight hours. I'm now into book 7 of 9 in the Garth Ennis "Preacher" series of graphic novels. It's action packed, heart breaking, thought provoking, downright profane, and laugh out loud funny and I'm loving every minute of it. Wouldn't let a kid within ten feet of the books, but it sure does work to put your mind in a different spot...

Now if only I could managed some non sleep deprived time to continue writing Allison and the truck driver's epic tale...

So, done made it through another week. Only 45 left to go before it's adios '09. Can't wait for that - still tired and wired here. Nobody said it would be easy, but it don't have to be this hard (another lyric. guesses?) But then, to quote the Preacher, Jesse Custer, "Aw, f$ck this self pityin' bullshit. I dunno. Could be all I need's to shift down a gear." Could be...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Man Working - Semi Hiatus Ahead

Well, thought I'd better do a check in post here.
Took an little unplanned hiatus from blogging there, which may continue. The walls are still pushing in, and I've been crunching numbers and burning brain cell cpu cycles to come up with a plan to change a thing or two of the life misery going here. Might even be a move in order, who knows. I have come up with a suitable plan, so now I just have to wait for a chip or two to drop first and then see what's what. (Thank you, oh screwed up economy). Oh the joys of working a job you hate and living in a noisy building. Sooner or later, the bad mood becomes permanent at that rate, and trying to put words down in a cohesive order just lacks appeal compared to laying in bed watching a cooking show trying to "zen" yourself to sleep. If I can put myself into a quiet home environment, the rest of it would probably be more doable. We'll see. Hmm, I wonder if a 32 year old could move into a retirement community? That'd be quiet, wouldn't it?

However, I have been watching movies and reading graphic novels and generally looking for any distraction I can in my half asleep downtime, and have caught a few good ones. I saw Casino, Donnie Darko, Out of Sight, and some others on TV, and read Batman: Year One, Preacher Vol 3 & 4, Punisher Presents Barracuda, The Killer Vol 1, and Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears. Nothing like coming home from work and reading some Garth Ennis at 4 in the morning. Oddly relaxing...

And now, for the first time in years, I'm hooked into a TV show. Two, no less. First is Patrick Swayze in The Beast which I've mentioned before, and now is Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse. I'm just glad Whedon is back writing a TV show - let's hope Fox gives it more than 3 episodes before canceling it. This is Fox afterall - the enemy of anything creative or original. Thank goodness for the internet too, or I wouldn't be able to see these shows on night shift.

So I'm still around, but my blogging may be even slighter than usual for the next bit yet again as I try to change a thing or two, and it'll take some work. It all comes down to money, as usual, and I can say I have really come to hate the green stuff and the problems it generates. When I was working part time, I was broke but happy. Now I'm fulltime and earning more to throw at the mortgage than any job I've ever had and I'm miserable. Sounds kinda like a Zen riddle, don't it?

But the man has a plan...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short Story - Sign of Life (Part 3/3)

(Reader discretion advised - some coarse language / violence.)

Part 3

They were here.

Three people and their moments in time converged to this singular spot. Each there for a different reason, but joined now nonetheless. Then, as always, time moved forward and the next moment came.

The gunman whirled around at the sound of the door and without hesitation fired a wild shot. The truck driver instinctively ducked and seemed to stumble as he came through the door but continued to move fast as the clerk screamed at the sound of the gunshot and ducked behind the counter. Another shot rang out and then the two men met head on and grappled in a desperate fight for the weapon.

Then the heads by the cooler wall started to move too. The truck driver registered movement and in desperation managed to turn the gunman towards it, saving himself from another attack, but it would only be momentary. He was still fighting for the gun and didn’t need the man’s two friends in the struggle too.

With seconds to spare, his over charged brain caught more movement and the girl came out from behind the counter, no longer scared but embracing the anger generated from the fear. She held a baseball bat in her hands, an afterthought of a weapon the owner of the store kept there for peace of mind, if not practicality. Still, it was all she had so with a manic yell, she swung the bat and connected a home run shot on the surprised gunman’s friend, who hit the ground, knocked cold. The other girl took one look and bailed out running, so the fight was down to these three.

The truck driver finally got his hands on the gun and wrenched it out of the robber’s hands just as the clerk connected another shot to the now overmatched gunman. He staggered away a few steps and then turned back around to look at the other two and wondered how this guy and girl team had bested him at his own game. Enraged at being beaten, he pulled a knife and moved towards the closer bat wielding Babe Ruth impersonator.

Another gunshot rang out then, stopping everyone cold. Seconds ticked off the clock before the knife fell to the ground. With a confused look on his face, the robber looked down at the bright red on his shirt. Then he looked back at the truck driver and the smoking gun in his hand. He really hadn’t expected the man would actually pull the trigger. Coughing suddenly, he sank to his knees, then looked back up and ground out in a hate filled voice, “Go to hell...”

The driver held the gun steady, looked back at the dying man and spoke softly, “Been there. Your turn.”

With that, the dying man fell to the floor and breathed his last breath. The clerk lowered the bat and took a step backward to lean heavily on the counter. She was still alive and couldn’t believe it. She took a deep breath before realizing that the driver was talking again.

“You ok? Are you hurt?”

“I’m ok,” she whispered, then looked up in shock as he took a step backward before collapsing awkwardly to the floor. Rushing to him, she saw the red stain on the left side beneath his jacket. She pulled him to her and tried to put her hands on the wound. It was hopeless. The bullet he had caught coming through the door had done it’s damage. She was amazed he had lasted this long.

Police sirens wailed in the distance as she looked down at his face, life draining out of him as more moments moved past.

“Why’d you do it?” she whispered. “You had to know this could happen. You could have driven away. Saved yourself...”

“Couldn’t let him get away with it.” He coughed again, “too many assholes. Somebody’s gotta put a stop to it.” He blinked a couple times, then refocused on her face and half smiled. “Worth it though...”

She gave him a smile that gave him a glimpse of what heaven might be like, if he made it there. She held his face softly in her hands and quietly spoke, “Thank you. Is there anybody I can call? Something to say to somebody?”

He shook his head no, but whispered “What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you Allison. You swing a mean bat.” They both tried to laugh before he coughed harder and then his gaze went unfocused and with his last breath he whispered, “It’s finally quiet.” Then life slipped out of him and he counted his last moment in time.

She continued to hold him, even as the police hit the store and secured the scene. She ignored all their words, until an older officer knelt down and put his hand on her shoulder. “He’s gone, dear. You have to let go.”

She turned then, with tears rolling down her face and anger in her voice, “Must the good always pay the price for the bad? He was a good one, I just know it. I finally get a sign, and it’s wrapped in death. Is that fair? Is that right?”

The older cop had seen a lot of bad things in his time and could think of only one thing to say.

“No, that’s life.”

The End....?


And there it is, nothing major just a dark little story I had on the mind. I still haven't decided if I should leave it alone or use it as a prologue for a bigger story that's kicking around the brain. If I can make the time, I just might. Having read three Garth Ennis graphic novels in the last two days, the urge to write something is proving itself not quite dead yet...

Thanks for the comments and taking the time to read it!