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Thursday, April 09, 2009

April Showers...Um, Snow

It's the beginning of April, and with that comes the smell of spring in the air, the start of baseball season, BBQ's, no more winter coats, and...SNOW? Yes, the first two days of the week dumped some snow around here, but it's all gone away now. Still, gotta love Canada where the Toronto Blue Jays start their baseball season (and they won! May as well enjoy it, there won't be many this year) while it's snowing outside and I drive to work in this:

Sill, I loved it and wished it would stay snowy right through August. I guess I should move further north.

And in an unrelated picture, I managed to snap this shop driving along the highway in town. My '89 Dodge Ram about to pass an old '89 city bus. They have mostly newer ones now, but this has to be one of the older ones in the fleet. Still, they don't make them like they used to when two 20 year old vehicles can still be Kings of the Road.

Extract Trailer

Courtesy of Cinematical, a new trailer is out for Mike Judge's new comedy Extract. This has the workplace comedy/misery feel of his Office Space cult classic, and has some genuinely funny moments in the trailer, at least for me. Compared with some of the...let's say unique individuals I work with (and who doesn't?), this really hits the nail on the head of workplace dysfunction. I love the bit where one woman's flip out over who's doing what leads to a brutal chain reaction of events. I could just see that happening too. Anyway, enjoy the trailer and look forward to this come Labour Day.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wolverine Movie Leaked, FOX Earns It

The internet is awash in buzz (at least the sites I frequent) about the leaked and pirated Wolverine movie. Somebody dropped this thing on the world - a month AHEAD of it’s theatrical release date. Movies winding up on the ‘net is nothing new, but something of this kind of blockbuster status being leaked early certainly is. Reportedly it’s DVD quality too, not some shaky cam job either. This isn’t great for the Wolverine movie, and it’s really bad for Fox Studios who are really worried about Box Office dollars now, but I gotta say it looks good on ‘em.

Now, while I’ll admit I was tempted to download it, that temptation was quickly doused when I learned it was an early workprint copy. This means incomplete special effects, visible wire work, green screen, and none of the reshoots added in. No thanks. I’ve been waiting for a Wolverine movie for a while, and when I do see it I want the complete version on the big screen. I just hope it doesn’t suck, and unfortunately it might. There’s been many reports of this being a train wreck, largely in part to interference from Fox chief Tom Rothman, but I keep hoping that Hugh Jackman’s solid grip on the character pulls it through. We’ll find out soon enough.

Still, having this leaked and possibly ruining Fox’s tentpole release of the year must be some kind of karmic backlash. Consider all the ways Fox has screwed it’s product’s fan base and gone out of its way to damage good shows/movies over the years, I can’t help but feel like Nelson on the Simpsons and point at Fox and go “Ha-Ha!” Gotta say Fox, you earned this one.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, Fox has to up the ante. After swearing legal vengeance on whoever leaked it (or downloads it) and even troubling the FBI over it and asking movie web sites and the fan community not to download and review the film early, I read this over on when Fox News reporter Roger Friedman posted a review, on FoxNews's website, of the recently pirated, illegal copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As CinemaBlend’s Josh Tyler goes on to write: “let the implications of that sink in.”
Really, it’s a doozy. Now, while Fox comes out to indicate News and the Movie studio are different entities and Friedman is a freelance writer, it still boggles the mind they’d let this happen. Go ahead and read the entire article by Josh Tyler and you have to shake your head at the incompetence shown by FOX. After complaining non stop about movie piracy for eons, and getting a lot of facts wrong along the way, and trying to make their product as difficult as possible to get to the fans, and now begging the online community to ignore the leak, they wind up with an early review of a downloaded, illegal, pirated version of Their Own Movie on Their Own Website! Kudos to you FOX - you have attained an EPIC FAIL. If you ever open your mouth about pirated content again after this, I hope you’re laughed out of town.

It’s just really too bad it had to happen to the Wolverine movie. The first X-Men movie is one of my all time faves, and I’m a huge Wolverine comic fan as well. I’ve been waiting for a solo Wolverine movie for a long time, and now all this drama has to surround it. After the first awesome trailer, I’ve been avoiding any further clips/trailers/spoilers like the plague. I’ll be going to the theatre to see this, no doubt, but I’ll be regretting the fact my money is contributing to Fox - the worst movie studio of all time.

In the end, the Wolverine movie and those that worked on it don’t deserve this. However, Fox Studios, the corporation and CEO, certainly does. Way to go karma.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Here we are in April, which means a quarter of the year burned up. Yay. The quicker the better I say.

I appear to be back online here in a solid way for a change. Starting last week, my (probably 7 year old) Linksys router started to cough, then choke, then die on me. After messing around with it and limping along for a couple days, I finally gave up on it. Looked like I'd need a new router. Luckily, I've been using an Apple Airport Express as a wireless access point for my network, and I'd forgotten it can be used as a router as well. It took me a little to get it online and then setup right, but that was more me and my dearth of networking skills. Apparently it's got a firewall as does Mac OS, so I'm back up and running. The downside is I have no wired access to my network at the moment, so I may consider an upgrade to get the old XP machine online again. The upside to the switch though was a massive burst in internet speed. I guess my old Linksys router was really slowing me down, but I think I'm getting true wireless N speed now on my iMac. On top of that, this seems to have fixed what I thought was a bug in Mac Mail, but that left along with the router. So the router going up in smoke was a very good thing apparently.

Otherwise, it's same old on the western front here: tired. Watching CMT here and listening to Dierks Bentley's song Feel that Fire. I wouldn't mind feeling a bit of fire either. Speaking of CMT, what's with the jamming the screen full of every bit of graphics and moving text possible to keep you from seeing the actual video thats playing? Rather annoying, but it did tell me that it's EmmyLou Harris birthday, turning 62. So happy birthday to one of the best ever.

Oh well, on with the show. Enjoy your Thursday.