Saturday, June 07, 2008

Comic Links

Around the web, some stuff I found in my travels...

WW PHILLY: THE GARTH ENNIS PANEL - NEWSARAMA  Interesting stuff here from one of my favorite comic authors, Garth Ennis, and his panel at WW Philly.  Some notable stuff here is that he will be writing more war comics for Dynamite called Battlefields.  He's got three stories lined up already.  And although his seminal run on Punisher MAX is coming to an end, he is lined up to do a Punisher series in the future with artist Steve Dillon too.  I'm glad he'll be coming back to the Punisher, as he seems to be the only writer to actually get that character.  There's some other good stuff in the article too if you're an Ennis fan.

Warren Ellis » Obamania and Warren Ellis » Bending Mars   Two links here to writer Warren Ellis' website as he talks about the US Election and the Mars expedition.  Anything written by Ellis is a trip of course, and will contain salty language.  However, his view on the Obama/Clinton thing is interesting from a view from Britain and I'll admit as a Canadian I too am following the US pres battle with interest.  Now that Clinton is out, it's down to a head to head.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.  Ellis' Mars article made me see a different side to what appears to be a money wasting venture.  He's got a point that we should take a shot at it, as we clearly are doing a bums rush on finishing off Earth.  We gotta have somewhere to go, right?

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