Thursday, October 23, 2008

Testing Marsedit & Watching TV

I'm just testing out the Mac blogging software MarsEdit. Should be something that's easier and quicker than Blogger's web based interface. We'll see.

woat_cast.jpgThere aren't too many TV shows on these days that I follow anymore. However, there are two that I will watch - House and Without A Trace. Both happen to be on in reruns on Bravo when I get home from work in the middle of the night. I'm now in the middle of a really good story arc on Without A Trace, and I've been sucked in. It follows an FBI team that concentrates on missing persons cases. I don't know what season I'm watching reruns of, but they've steadily built an ongoing story that started with a missing girl which turned into a human trafficking case which turned into a personal fight for Agent Malone. The stakes keep getting higher and I wonder where it's going to end up, and on top of that the individual episodes keep coming with the missing person cases as well, worked by the rest of the team. It's pretty good writing and quickly paced with excellent use of music as well. Been awhile since I've been sucked into a TV series - kinda fun.

Been touring around the web and reading about the Macbooks and seems like sentiment is pretty divided. Some love them, some hate the glossy screen and the lack of firewire. Some things in reviews that did catch my attention:
- Battery life is excellent. 4-5 hours with screen on full brightness and WI-FI on. That's pretty good.
- Battery, RAM, and the hard drive are now ridiculously easy to swap, no tools required.
- The trackpad takes a little getting used to, with only the bottom half actually clicking down like a mouse button.
And, of course, these things are expensive. Duh. Maybe the government can give me some bailout money to buy one of these to stimulate the economy. I'm sure it would help ;-)

That's it for now, time to post this up and see if MarsEdit works...

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