Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Random Quote from Seinfeld:
Kramer: You buy enough meat, they’ll give you anything!

Had a good Thanksgiving, and any day away from work is a good day. Spent Sunday with family and had a good dinner too. Wound up in a game of the old board game Game of Life. Anyone remember that one? After careening around the board and collecting a wife, a kid, a house, and some dollars, I didn’t win the game and wound up in the poor house, destitute. A little on the nose for today’s economy, eh?

Elsewhere, tomorrow is an Apple event, with the laptops getting some updated love. Rumors seem to be pointing to a cheaper Macbook, and new designs for the Macbook and the Pro - including aluminum and glass and multi touch touchpads. Maybe even doing away with the touchpad buttons? Could be interesting, we’ll find out tomorrow.

And now I’m finishing up my holiday weekend by watching the movie The Shootist. It was John Wayne’s last movie, eerily drawing parallels to his real life as he played an aging gunman dying of cancer.
He holes up in a boarding house with a widow and her son, played by Lauren Bacall and Ron Howard. Their interaction make up most of the movie as the gunman, JB Books, faces his last days and decides how he wants to go out. The movie is littered with good lines and solid performances as The Duke makes his last stand. Catch it if you can.

Mrs. Rogers (Bacall): "Nonsense, the church doors are always open."
JB Books (Wayne): "My church has been mountains and solitude, no doors at all."

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