Sunday, July 06, 2008

iMac Is Up

Got the iMac unboxed and on the kitchen table.  Forgot just how big that screen is when you're sitting in front of it.  Beaut of a screen though, and no dead pixels! Yay!  Seems a little darker around the corners though.  Still a great screen - looks great watching high def trailers on it.

A little disappointed that when I fired it up there was Tiger installed, not Leopard.  It came with a Leopard disk in the box though, but no backups for the iLife '06 that was included.  Oh well, I have other Tiger/iLife '08 disks from my Mac Mini.  As it is, I'm currently wiping the hard drive and installing Leopard, which should have been done before they shipped it.  At least if I do it here, I'll know it was done right.  haha.  More to come later as the Mac adventure continues.

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