Tuesday, June 12, 2007

iUse iTunes

I'm starting to really dig iTunes.

The other night, I caught the fantastic biopic movie Walk The Line again on TMN. There is a brief scene with Cash (Phoenix) and Waylon Jennings (played by his son, Shooter Jennings) talking at what looks like an apartment. Jennings is playing a great tune I had forgotten about - "I'm A Long Way From Home." It's brief in the movie, but he does a soulful, acoustic version of what is a real country song. I had to have that song. Like now.

So I fired up iTunes, did some quick searching and found it on the Soundtrack. It went right in the cart. A little more browsing and I found a Waylon Jennings version of Midnight Rider. Another great tune. Then I stumbled over the new Big & Rich album "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace" and picked up a couple more great tunes. (the current single "Lost in This Moment", the title track, and "Faster Than Angels Fly" are all really good tunes).

So, a couple bucks later and a quick download, I was listening to some great music and I never had to leave the house to get it. Not to mention the money I did spend only went to tracks I actually wanted. Push them through the DRM cleaner, set up a new playlist in iTunes, and I have been cycling through it with the album art rolling past for each track. I guess I'm slowing coming over to the dark side of iTunes :) While it's still not as streamlined as Winamp, with a few 3rd party software addons I've just recently found, it might turn into something truly useful.

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