Monday, June 11, 2007

Something Old, Nothing New...

Well, Ottawa may have lost the Stanley Cup, but at least the Hamilton Bulldogs won the Calder Cup in the AHL. Go Canada!

Nothing else new here...still in a creative brownout, but I guess I've had other things on the mind. Work is going...still want a MacBook...and there are a lot of things to look for when looking for an MP3 player of any kind of quality. I've learned the difference between UMS (good) and MTP (bad) - why would anyone want to buy an MP3 player that only works with Windows and WMP10 (MTP)? What if you want to hook it up to another operating system? I'll stick with USB Mass Storage devices. And no, I'm not going to buy an iPod either. Not a fan of the can opener approach to changing a battery or mailing away a $300 device to get it replaced...with a refurbed iPod! They don't even send you your own one back. They just recycle them around. No thanks.

And I've got to reload my Windows now too. This thing is unstable. Wobble, Wobble, this house of cards isn't looking good. Time to backup and format! YeeHaw! At least I've got Rockford Files and Miami Vice DVD seasons on the way from Amazon to entertain me while I watch the sands of the Microsoft hourglass tick by...

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