Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We Have A Loser!

For the third straight year, a Canadian team went to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost. Big Shock. I've given up any hope of seeing a Canadian team with the cup any time soon. The other thing is that I found myself not really interested at all in the final this year. I only watched one of the games. I figured Ottawa would lose, and they did, and I had zero interest in Anaheim or any of the players on either team really, so it was kind of a ho-hum thing. Of course, maybe being in the middle of summer during the Cup finals kind of took me out of it.

Oh well, another year gone and my gradually diminishing interest in hockey takes another hit. I love it during the winter, but once the weather warms up, my interest goes to baseball. And with global warming in full effect, that seems to be coming sooner each year.

All that said to basically hide the fact I'm bummed about a team from California winning the Cup. Stupid Ducks...

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Anonymous originallru said ... (June 07, 2007 2:21 AM) : 

Bummer. I kinda expected shoddy play when I heard how Ottawa started this last series. Seems they ran out of steam and couldn't get it back in time.

At least I can count on the Eaglewing to make me laugh with the punchy headlines! :-)


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