Friday, November 10, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Full Trailer...

The first Spider-Man 3 full trailer has hit the net and it looks fantastic. The Movie Blog's article has a link to the trailer in glorious Quicktime too!

The tagline is "The Greatest Battle Lies Within", which certainly seems to apply to this 'will he or won't he' darker tone to this third installment that deals with revenge and choices made.

I like a good revenge angle in a movie, and this one has a couple. Spidey's anger at Sandman for what he allegedly did, and Harry's anger at Spidey for what he thinks Peter took from him make for an interesting dual storyline. And then of course is the Black Suit and we know what that'll lead to (starts with a V and will probably be only a bit at the end of the movie setting up the next one). Plus there's MJ and Gwen Stacy now in the mix. Spidey's gonna have his hands full in this one.

The FX of Sandman look great to me, and I'm sure they'll only be better once the theatrical release gets here. Seeing a fist of sand sweep through a NY street was pretty cool.

I liked Spider-Man 2 more than the first one, and this may be a rare case of a series of movies that got better with each one. X-Men couldn't keep the franchise momentum going, but it looks like Spider-Man just might.

(Note: The pic is something I made from the teaser trailer, not this new one. I didn't have time to put up a collage of new shots, plus my computer is in some kind of a mood... ;-)

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