Monday, October 30, 2006

It Has Begun...

YouTube Is Purging Copyrighted Clips - New York Times

Say goodbye to YouTube. Just like everyone thought would happen, Google is purging videos off of YouTube enmasse to comply with copyright complainers. Everyone knew this would happen once YouTube was backed by someone with money to sue. How predictable, and how lame. Especially since Comedy Central clips seem to be among those targeted as a "result of a third party notification by Comedy Central." I wish I would have saved more Daily Show clips. This is stupid too, because the majority of the audience for Comedy Central programming is in the same YouTube demographic. Once again, the studio bigwigs just don't get it.

Not only all that, but YouTube has pulled a Blogger tonight too. I was looking at videos, when it just suddenly slowed to a crawl and then became useless. Just like Google's Blogger, Google's YouTube looks like it is now going to be a very unreliable service.

They shouldn't call it YouTube anymore. They should call it DoomedTube.

Edit: After a couple hours, YouTube seems to be back up. And there are still Daily Show clips with Jon Stewart, but there seems to be less of the interview segments. Weird. I still think it's going the way of the Dodo bird, so save what you like...

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