Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Buffy Season 8 - In Comics

About Heroes: Buffy Season 8 and Wonder Woman Update

About Heroes has a link to the EW article that features information and some quotes from Joss himself about the upcoming Season 8 Buffy comic series. He's treating it as a TV season, with about 25-30 issues written by various writers after a 4 issue 'pilot.' It will follow TV show canon and picks up after the events of the Series finale. Unfortunately, we won't learn what happened after the Angel series finale cliffhanger, but Angel and Spike may show up briefly (read the article for the explanation on that). The rest of the Scooby Gang will be featured however. Sounds like a cool concept - series is set for March.

Whedon is the first to my knowledge to turn to the comics medium to continue storylines from his shows that are no longer on TV - Firefly, Angel, and now Buffy. I wonder if this will catch on with other writers/creators of TV shows that may get cancelled too soon?

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