Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Rocky" Returns! - Yahoo! News

"Rocky" Returns! - Yahoo! News

The '80's called, they want they're self-respect back. Not that they ever had any. With Harrison Ford coming back with another Indy installment, I guess this was only a matter of time. A Rocky 6 and a Rambo 4 on their way to a theatre near you. Should be interesting - if Stallone, who is writing the screenplays for both, can come up with an interesting story, then great. But if they're only doing this for money and because Hollywood can't come up with anything original, great. (and when they do get something original, they don't properly promote it, like Serenity ;-)

I wonder if Rambo will be using old-fashioned stunt work or CGI. Let's see Rambo do bullet time Matrix moves. Yikes.

So what's next in movie sequels and remakes? Who knows - maybe we'll even get a "Tango & Cash 2 - We're Cookin' Now!"

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (October 20, 2005 3:55 AM) : 

Stallone does fairly well writing his own scripts. At least so far. I'm impressed with what he tries to accomplish.

The interesting thing about Rocky 6, is that in Rocky 5, he was already in "retirement" with health problems. The big finale fight with Rocky happened in a parking lot. :-)

So I don't know where #6 could come from.

As for Rambo, I'm most interested in the location. The last one he did was in Afghanistan of all places. When it was filmed, it was Russia that was last trying to conquer it.

The special features in the Rambo 3-set DVD make for interesting viewing in light of recent events.

Rambo 4 has the potential to be *really* political. Rambo is already a Vietnam vet, playing the "I wish my country would love me" role. With the Iraq war being called Vietnam 2, this movie could go in interesting directions.

Let's hope Stallone doesn't chicken out. :-) And let's hope the studios let him explore the possibilities of a good script.


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