Monday, October 03, 2005

Word of the Day...

I love a good epiphany. Nothing like fighting to figure something out, then, sometimes out of nowhere, sometimes out of a sequence of seemingly unrelated events, a switch in the brain gets flipped and on comes the light. Bang. It all makes sense. Just like that. Sure, it'd be easier if it all just made sense right away without the struggle to see the light. But if it was easy, anybody could do it. Besides, sometimes the fight to achieve clarity can be more rewarding than the end result and the things you learn along the way should never be discounted.

Tonight it wasn't anything major. I've just been running ideas through the brain for the continued story of 'The Stranger', of which I've posted 2 episodes on this blog before. There was a plot point I couldn't figure out, and then, in the middle of internet surfing and reading about unrelated things, I asked myself a question and bang, it hit me. The whole point of the story. I had to quickly open Notepad and start jotting down the ideas. Now, I just have to write the remaining episodes. There's still one plot point that's a little sticky, but it'll come. It was kind of like when the idea for the first one - Magic Marker on the Mailbox - hit me. I love that feeling - inspiration out of nowhere. An epiphany.

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (October 03, 2005 5:44 AM) : 

Excellent! Epiphanies for you mean stories for us! :-)


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