Sunday, October 16, 2005

Movie Night

Well, wound up seeing Wallace & Gromit the other day with a good friend. Not one I'd normally pick, but it was her choice, and besides, it was for her birthday, so what could I say? Actually, it was rather enjoyable as it turned out to be rather funny - lots of British humor - and I don't think they missed one bad pun they could squeeze in. When you consider how they made it (stop motion claymation. move a piece of clay, shoot a picture, move it again, shoot a picture, and so on) it is truly amazing at what was in the movie. Seamless chase and action scenes. No wonder it took five years to make.

Later that night, I wound up seeing Serenity again by myself. Was shocked to see the theatre full for a movie in its 3rd week and that really is a niche market movie. Pleasantly shocked at that. Could all those people have read my blog and heeded my advice? It really is a cool movie and if enough people support it, maybe, just maybe, we'll get a sequel. If Speed 2 and Catwoman can get made, can we not find room for making more quality flicks like Serenity? Come on people, we can do it. Send a message to Hollywood. We don't want bigger budget brainless movies, we want quality writing and acting in what we watch. Stop already with the lame '70's remakes that are nowhere as good as the first time around and invest in some quality original concepts. We gotta get the truth out there. Fox can try, but you can't stop the signal... ;-)

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