Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodbye HD-DVD

It looks like HD-DVD is destined for the history books as Toshiba is finally throwing in the towel on the next gen format. About bloody time too. I didn't care who won, but as long as there were two formats, I wasn't going anywhere near either one. Now that it might be settled, I may be able to afford a HDTV by summer if the prices drop a bit. I'm looking for at least a 46" TV with 1080P, and they're still a might expensive. Hopefully with one format to rally around, they'll start pushing the TV and BluRay stuff and dropping prices to do it. One can hope anyway.

As it is, I don't know that even with a nice shiny TV I'd be buying a BluRay. Maybe with a PS3 in another year or so, but I'm still happy with good old regular DVD. And with resold DVD's and Blockbuster's previously viewed selections and Amazon sales, they're out there pretty cheap. Compared to 30 dollar BluRay discs, I just can't get too excited yet. Maybe I just have to see more high Def discs being played to be wowed into it. Maybe. What might get me excited would be Apple puting BluRay drives into MacBook Pros with an HDMI out. Now that would be something - a bluray player that I could output to a TV and the capability to burn 50GB discs. Come on Apple - get with it.

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