Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not Much

Really got nothing to post about here...

um, Curtis Joseph is now playing for the Calgary Flames? Does every great Edmonton goalie finish his career in Calgary? First Grant Fuhr, now Joseph. Don't seem right, but he didn't win his game against Edmonton last night either. Go Oilers.

Finally installed Quicksilver on my Mac. I see why folks like it so much. Can forget messing around with the mouse and just stay on the keyboard to get things done. Takes a few days for it to learn your habits, but it's cool. Gives me the keyboard shortcut functionality I used to setup in Windows, but I don't have to program each and every shortcut to the programs and it reaches way deeper with what you can do. If you have a Mac, install it.

Looks like the WGA strike might be over soon. Too late to mean anything much for this TV season, as most of the shows are wrecked at this point, but an end to the strike would be a good thing no matter what. Enough of the crappy reality TV already.

So, yeah, really got nothing to post about here...

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