Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Amazon Jungle

Cruising the Amazon today, and found some cool stuff.

For those that like alt country (which is actually country since country is now pop), there's a few notable female singers coming out with new albums. And no, none of them have "under" in their last name. First up, Allison Moorer is coming out with a new album (yay) called Mockingbird. There's not a lot of instant buy female singers in country right now, but I'm always there for a new Moorer album, and this one seems to be a collection of covers of songs by other female artists that mean something to her. Check out her website for some notes from her about each song.

Looks like Tift Merritt is coming out with a new album as well called Another Country. She has a good voice and I've enjoyed her previous two albums. Then it also looks like Sheryl Crow is getting in on the new album act with Detours. I'll have to hear some snippets of songs before I'd pick this one up as I wasn't too keen on what I heard of her last album Wildflower and didn't buy that one either. (um, yeah, after listening to the Amazon snippets, I won't be buying this one).

Elsewhere, on the DVD front, we've got Walker Texas Ranger Season 4 coming and Rockford Season 5. The highly anticipated The Equalizer Season 1 is out, and Season 1 of Third Watch is coming as well. Third Watch was a solid show. ER and NYPD Blue got the headlines, but Third Watch was really good. Hey look at that - Perfect Strangers season 1 is coming to DVD. Really? Ok. Even Smurfs season 1 is coming to DVD. I guess everything will make it to the shelves eventually. Also, for anyone interested, the first 3 seasons of House are 47% off, and the Dead Like Me series is 60% off. Nice savings.

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