Monday, May 21, 2007

Long Weekend...

Still in a blogging rut these days as my mental CPU cycles have been spent elsewhere. However, there are a few things of note…

The May Month of Three-quels continues. Spiderman 3 smashed box office records, and now Shrek 3 has hit theatres with 122 million and that doesn’t even count holiday Monday. I have yet to see Spidey 3. I was psyched to see it based on the trailers, but then I read a lot of negative reviews on it and it has kind of fallen into maybe DVD territory. I may still see it if the mood hits, but I won’t worry if I miss the theatrical run. Now Shrek is in theatres too and has come out to lackluster reviews as well. Worst of the 3, I read. I wasn’t planning on seeing it in the theatre anyway, so no loss there. That just leaves Pirates 3 coming next week. My enthusiasm is low for that to begin with (thank you Pirates 2 for that), but I read a quote from Orlando Bloom somewhere on the net to the effect that the story is so complicated, even the writers can’t figure it out. Still, I’ll wait for some actual review before I decide either way. It’ll probably be June before I see these anyway, with my perpetual hate of crowded theatres. I guess I just have to wait for Transformers and Die Hard 4. Come on Bruce, don’t let me down… has some clips from the upcoming Sarah Conner Chronicles TV show. They’re trying to continue the Terminator saga on TV now, and from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look good. I see they’ve decided to go with the whiny wuss John Conner version from Terminator 3 instead of the nervy smartass from T2. That’s a big strike against it. I think Lena Headey will do ok in the lead role, but she’s no Linda Hamilton by a long shot. I realize these are just clips, but I don’t see the kind of intensity Linda had in the role. The only upshot would be Summer Glau doing another version of her River from Firefly role as the “good” Terminator protecting John. Nice to see her getting work, but I fear this will be yet another short lived sci-fi TV show on her resume.

And I have to post on this. Thanks to the Movie Blog via AICN, we get a 3 minute trailer for the new upcoming Rambo film. It features a reclusive Rambo in Thailand getting reluctantly involved in the situation in Burma. I had my doubts as well for a new Rambo movie, but this clip is great stuff. You get the action and explosiveness that you’d expect from a Rambo movie, but there is also a realistic grittiness that brings this out of the generic ‘80s action mindset. There is some hardcore action here too – you’ll be flat out amazed at that one kill in the jeep. It looks like Stallone may come up with back to back hits with his iconic Rocky and Rambo characters. Grab the trailer here.

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Anonymous Marina said ... (May 21, 2007 2:05 PM) : 

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the long weekend! A little more work and time for me to take a break too!


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