Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend's Over...

Didn't do much this weekend...slept a lot, and surfed the net looking at Mac/Apple stuff. I think I really want one of those Mac Mini's. If I decide to upgrade my desktop, that's what I'm going with. You get the best of all worlds - the Mac software experience and then you can either dual boot or run Parallels software to simultaneously run Windows XP right in your Mac OS X. Or even a Linux product if you want. The Mac laptops are way out of my price range, but if you're going to have a desktop, why wouldn't you get one that can run all 3 major operating systems without much of a hassle?

Also watched the Toronto/Ottawa hockey game Saturday night. Was a good game too. The Leafs had plenty of chances early, but Sens goalie Ray Emery shut the door. Then the Sens went up 3-1, so it looked like another Leafs loss. But Boyd Deveraux (who I remember played for the local minor hockey team) scored one to make it 3-2. Then, with time winding down, Sundin made a great pass to Antropov who scored on his second attempt to tie the game. It went to overtime, where Kubina made another great give and go play to get the puck to Darcy Tucker who scored the winner for the Leafs. Nice come from behind victory for the Leafs and a fun game to watch. However, I still say the best thing that could happen for the Leafs would be to miss the playoffs. If they squeak in, it'll be status quo for another year, but if they miss again, the pressure will be on to make some changes. Hopefully, they'll start by getting a new GM that will actually do something. As it is, the Maple Laughs are fun to watch stumble along like always, but I feel sorry for Mats Sundin who has had no one good to play with for years, and has no hope of ever winning a Cup...

Hoping to see 300 at the theatre either Monday or Tuesday. Looks like it was a major hit at the box office, collecting 70 million on its opening weekend. It had zero competition, but that's still impressive for a genre film that's rated R, which usually takes away from your box office total. A money maker like this could very well mean director Zack Snyder will get the green light for the seemingly impossible to make Watchmen. Can't wait to see 300, and just hope the theatre isn't full of disruptive spring break teenagers when I go :)

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