Friday, February 23, 2007

Sin City 2 Finally Ready?

SCI FI Wire | Frank Miller on Sin City 2

YES! This is the news I've been waiting for. Assuming this is true, and that's a big assumption with these things, according to Frank Miller the script is done for Sin City 2. He and Robert Rodriguez apparently want to start production in the Spring. Right now, it's in limbo as they go about casting and script tweaking.

This does sound more promising that anything we've heard about Sin City 2 in a while. I love the graphic novels and the first Sin City movie is one of my favorites. Apparently, the second movie will focus on A Dame To Kill For (the second graphic novel in the series and a prequel story to both The Hard Goodbye - Mickey Rourke's story from the first movie - and The Big Fat Kill with Clive Owen's character). There will also be some of the short stories featured (Blue Eyes and Old Towne Girls) as well as a totally new story featuring Nancy. I wonder if Miller will do a new graphic novel for that story.

Hopefully they can get everyone back for any recurring roles for continuity's sake. I didn't think Jessica Alba did the strongest acting in the first one, so it'll be interesting to see a whole story based around her (In Sin City, it was more about Hartigan than Nancy). And I wonder if the latest rumors that Rachel Weisz is cast as the Dame to kill for are true? I know Rodriguez wanted Angelina Jolie who would have been great in the role, but I never thought they'd land her. I don't know if Weisz can pull off a dark noir femme fatale, but it should be interesting to watch. I'll trust Rodriguez/Miller on the casting, as they basically hit every role dead on with the first movie. (Mickey Rourke as Marv was sheer genius.)

Can't wait to see this. If they film it this year, that'd probably mean a 2008 release. If that happens, and the Wolverine movie and The Dark Knight movie stay on track, then 2008 will be a very good year for the comic fan in me :)

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Anonymous Marina said ... (February 23, 2007 1:41 PM) : 

I have to admit I'm happy to hear these news too. Sin City was excellent and I'd love to see the story unfold a little further on screen.


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (February 23, 2007 3:40 PM) : 

Indeed. The new Nancy story is intriguing - there's obviously a story to be told there after what happens at the end of That Yellow Bastard. Considering Frank Miller hasn't written a Sin City story in a while, it should be interesting what he comes up with when he revisits it.


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