Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Good Movie In There Somewhere...

Ok, now that we know the Tuesday DVD will be a ripoff, what about the movie and the special features? The lists of deleted scenes has hit the ‘net, and in regards to a previous post I put up about Logan conducting lightning to take out Juggernaut, I was NOT losing my mind. That was never in the theatrical version. It’s an extended scene on the DVD. Why they cut it, I have no idea. It makes for a much more coherent scene. has some of the alternate scenes up, and you can download that clip here.

Also, one of the alternate endings is cooler and much better fit to what we saw. It has Logan back in Canada at the same bar as we first saw him in X-Men 1. The same bartender is there and it’s a good little scene. Wish they had used this instead of the out of place, smiling Wolverine walking out onto the mansion deck scene they had in the movie. You can download the bar clip here.

Here’s a rundown on the deleted scenes provided by someone on a forum I forgot to grab a link for:
US DVD will have 10 deleted scenes and 3 alternate endings set up like this:
1. Xavier voice-over for main titles
2. Jimmy in Laboratory
3. Alternate version: Beast meets Logan
4. Pyro tells Magneto about the cure announcement - clean shaven version
5. Pyro tells Magneto about the cure announcement - bearded version
6. Alternate version: Guard yells at the President
7. Extended fight sequence at Jean Grey's house
8. Alternate version: Here's Juggy
9. Magneto tortures Logan
10. Extended Dark Phoenix destruction

11. Alternate version: Rogue returns
12. Alternate ending: New School Year begins
13. Alternate ending: Logan returns to Alberta, Canada

And the DVDs in other regions should have these in addition to the above.

1. "Psychic Battle" - Voices
2. Alternate Version: Bobby & Kitty Skate
3. Original Version: Jean displays her power at the encampment
4. Plastic Weapons manufacturing
5. Hank warns Trask of Magneto’s plan
6. Original Version: X-Men Board the Jet
7. Jean senses a scared little girl
8. Magneto asks Jean to help in the battle
9. Storm creates a wave
10. Beast breaks a neck
11. Bobby freezes Phat

That’s an impressive list of cut scenes. This movie could have easily been longer, and much more satisfying than what we got in theatres. Looking at that list and some of the clips already on the ‘net, it appears that the original version was a much darker, grittier story than what they eventually edited and toned down for the theatrical release – and that’s a shame. I had a feeling when I was watching the movie that there was a much better version on the cutting room floor. Looks like I was right. Can’t wait for some fans to get their hands on all the deleted scenes and put together a proper version of this movie.

The only other thing we can hope for is that Fox eventually puts out an unrated, extended version of X3 much like they did with Mr. And Mrs. Smith. The extended version of that movie was much more coherent, and I think an extended version of X3 would have the same effect. Word on the ‘net from Ratner doesn’t look like we’ll get that though. So we’ll just have to make do with the deleted scenes, and imagine what could have been.

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