Sunday, October 01, 2006

No Drivel In Hoopeston

Cinema Owner Closes Over Jackass 2

This is interesting. The owner of Boardman's Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, Illinois, closed his movie house for 2 weeks rather than show Jackass 2 and other lame new releases he called "drivel". He opened again 2 weeks later with the football movie Invincible and the animated kids movie Open Season. He said it was a personal thing, not censorship or trying to send a message. Here's a quote:

"The movies are so bad and I don't need the money ... I just didn't think I should use my high-quality facilities to show people vomiting on screen," said Boardman, whose theaters boast a high-tech, eight-channel digital sound system.

I say kudos to him! I love watching movies, but the selection is so poor these days, and Jackass 2 just dropped the bar lower. Maybe if more owners took that route, people would find better things to do than waste money to watch "drivel." Just because it's at the theatre, doesn't mean it has to be watched.

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