Friday, September 01, 2006

De Palma's "Dahlia"

"Dahlia" is De Palma's latest precious flower - Yahoo! News

I can't wait to see this movie, coming out September 15th. I love film noir, and this is one for sure. The above article has some interesting info on how this got made too. Apparently, De Palma has been at it for 3 years, trying to get it made. No studio would back it (but they'll back Little Man and Stealth, go figure), so they had to get independent financing and shoot it in Bulgaria. What I found really interesting, though, was that Hartnett had already been tapped for the role of one of the cops, and this was before his noir turn in Sin City that got my attention. To quote:

But De Palma stuck with him for one reason: "What he carries with him is that Gary Cooper integrity. In the slimiest situations in the most compromised universe where everyone is a liar and nobody tells the truth, this guy has moral authority."

Who knows, maybe Hartnett can get himself out of the romcom game and find his niche in the gritty noir genre. Stranger things have happened.

I haven't read Ellroy's book that this is from, but from the sounds of it, De Palma had a daunting challenge to convert it to a movie. It'll be interesting to see how the movie stands on its own, but I like the fact that there are multiple complexities to it. To quote:

As De Palma tries to explain each character's motivations in the scene, he stops. "It's a Greek tragedy," he says. "I've only been living with this thing for three years. Believe me, it's all there. To try to understand the complexities of the solutions I've come up with -- please! This is the Ellroy book. If it's successful or I go down with it, this is what it is."

Here's hoping its a good movie.

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Anonymous themarina said ... (September 06, 2006 2:04 PM) : 

I don't doubt that this is going to be good (though, this is also the man that brought us "Phantom of the Paradise"). As for Hartnett, I think this kid has great talent and I agree that he has some of the old school charm that you don't see much anymore. I'm hoping this will be great.


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