Sunday, August 13, 2006

See The Future...It's Not That Great

Here’s why I don’t get my computer advice from Future Shop. Their latest commercial has a Future Shop ‘tech’ reading a letter asking what kind of computer would be best for a student?

His answer is to go to the dude’s dorm room and respond with something like this: “I’d recommend a dual core PC so you can rip a CD, use the internet, and write an essay all at the same time.”

Right. You can do that with a Pentium 3 – I’ve done it – and you can get one of those used for well under a hundred bucks. Thanks a lot, Mr. Future Shop Advice Man for needlessly up-selling the customer.

Oh, and speaking of Future Shop, I was in there the other day (to buy the DVD for the movie Brick – best movie of the year I’ve seen so far – and of course they didn’t have it), and they had an HD-DVD and a Blu-Ray DVD systems setup and playing. Nothing about it would entice me to lay out the kind of money those systems cost. In fact, the HD-DVD wasn’t really noticeably better than a normal DVD. The Blu-Ray was a sharper image – it was playing the first Pirates movie during a swordfight, and you could really see the sweat on the guy’s faces. However, there really wasn’t enough of a ‘wow’ factor to impress over a regular DVD on a good TV. Here’s hoping both of these greedy, greedy camps suffer a flame out of Howard Dean proportions.

And finally, speaking of Brick, on the day of its DVD release, Future Shop had none, Blockbuster had 4 copies all rented out, and only Rogers video had copies. Sure, it’s a smaller Indie movie, but do we really need a whole wall of Failure to Launch DVD’s, and no Brick?! I didn’t think so. And speaking of Rogers Video, unlike Blockbuster – who assumes people have realized the superiority of widescreen – at Rogers, you really have to watch which version you pick up of Fullscreen or Widescreen DVD as they are mixed together. Couldn’t believe it. At least separate them, people…

Comments on "See The Future...It's Not That Great"


Blogger The Original LRU said ... (August 13, 2006 11:42 PM) : 

You can do that with a Pentium 3

You can do that with a 486...

Well, ok, make that a Pentium 100 so you can use a GUI for surfing, and compile a new kernel in the background.

Why are you looking at me so funny? These are students.... they should be compiling their own kernels! :-)


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (August 14, 2006 12:42 AM) : 

Can you do it with an Atari? :)

The only GUI kernels I compile are when I want buttery popcorn...


Blogger The Original LRU said ... (August 14, 2006 2:12 AM) : 

Haven't had experience with an Atari... I'm assuming that getting a CDROM hooked up to it might be interesting.


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