Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some Free Comics

Download 1st Issues of Popular Vertigo Titles

This is pretty cool. Vertigo is making some 1st issues of their most popular Graphic Novels available for free. They're in PDF format and you can get them at the above link. Just click on the title you're interested in, then find the Download PDF link. (Be advised, these comics are Not geared for kids)

I already own the first TPB of the Preacher series and the first 2 TPB's of the 100 Bullets series. I've always wanted to check out Sandman, Fables, and Y: The Last Man too, and after reading these issues, I'll have to save up my pennies for an Amazon order.

These are some of the higher regarded comics out there, so if you've ever had an interest in the comic book world, but weren't into the spandex crowd (ie X-Men, Superman, Batman, etc), check these out. The premise for Fables is pure genius, 100 Bullets is modern noir, and Sandman is often cited for the 'comics as literature' argument.

Comics today are highly varied and there's something for all tastes in the comic book world - it's not just for the geek crowd anymore :) I always thought Graphic Novels were the best of both worlds of movies and books. You can tell a longer story than a 2 hour movie, and include the character's internal monologues and thoughts where a movie can't; and then you can get the action, images, and facial expressions that you can't get with books. Of course, this 'best of both worlds' thing only works when it's done well with a good combo of writer and artist. When its not...well, comic book stores are full of back issues of good examples of that :)

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