Monday, August 21, 2006

Hasta la Vista, Baby

Was gonna post this last night while I was watching the movie, but anyway, here it is…

Watching Terminator 2 here…

That shotgun Arnie used in Terminator 2 sure was cool. The swing around pump action they made for it was genius. Watching the great T2 sure makes you wish T3 had been better. But that’s what happens when you’re more concerned about the special effects action sequences instead of having them serve the story. Same thing with X3 and Batman Forever. What is it about the 3rd movie in a series that has it all start to go south? Is it because that’s when they inevitably change directors? The way they left T3 almost makes you hope Arnie comes back from politics for one more round in the black leather so that they can end the series on a good note. Oh, and bring back James Cameron (like that’s going to happen)…….

….and just finished watching T2. Gotta love the Space channel. They show some great flicks – and here’s the important part – in widescreen and uncut. Hadn’t watched T2 in a while, but that’s got to be one of the best flicks ever made. It was made in ’91, and the special effects were ahead of its time and groundbreaking. Then throw in the action elements – the truck chase from SkyNet HQ to the steel mill is awesome – and the sci-fi, futuristic elements too. All that wouldn’t have meant much though if it didn’t have a good story, and it really did. Also, as many have said, Arnie was born to play the Terminator role. And you gotta love Linda Hamilton at the end facing off against the bad Terminator, racking that shotgun one armed and firing off round after round. Almost had him too :)

Did a little ‘net searching, and since T3 made money, it looks like T4 is a go. Claire Daines is going to be back, as will the director of T3. Nick Stahl isn’t confirmed yet, but you’d think that’d be a given. Here’s the corker – they want Arnie back of course, but since he’s the Governator now, they actually have a backup plan to make the movie without him if he can’t do it. Are you kidding me? As bad an idea as it was to make T3 without James Cameron and Linda Hamilton, this is even worse. Why would I go see T4 if there’s no Arnie? That’s going to have to be one amazing marketing job.

At least we have T2. That’s how you make a movie.

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