Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Do Your Movie Picks Say About You?

Cool article here about date movies, the selection process, and what the movie picked says about the person. I’m obviously not part of that crowd, but the article and comments were very interesting and proves what I totally agree with Rob from the movie High Fidelity where he says that WHAT a person likes is very important.

Regardless of what the person would bring for a 3rd date movie as the article is mostly about (there’s a lot to choose from), I do think I have a movie trifecta that would be the perfect test:

  • Grosse Pointe Blank (Ok, any Cusack flick would be an easy pick for a date movie, but that one would be my pick – humor, romance, cynicism, one liners, and violence. Perfect ;-)

  • Serenity (Gotta find out if she’s a Whedon fan. Points for that, plus it’s a really good sign if she can bring the humor with the drama – will make life a whole lot easier)

  • Sin City (here we go – how much does she really want to get inside my head. If she loves it, digs the dark edge, and sees what the stories are really about, we’re in. If she’s asking to plug in her copy of the Sleepless in Seattle DVD five minutes in, it’s over ;-)

Of course, there’s a bunch of other flicks that would be good too:

X-Men 1
Lost in Translation
LA Confidential
Almost Famous
Any Kevin Smith movie (of course, if she picks Chasing Amy, I’m gonna wonder…I’m just saying :)
Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves (or Men in Tights…either or, really :)
Flesh and Bone
While You Were Sleeping (if she insists on a rom-com, I can stand that one)
Pure Country

And of course – would she like the best piece of cinema ever made: Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man. That movie is genius. And since we’re talking about dating, may as well quote a line from it – “Never chase buses or women; you’ll always get left behind.”

Note – just reread the movies I’ve put together here. That’s some kind of eclectic list, eh?

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