Saturday, July 15, 2006


Watching a football game here...CFL - Winnipeg vs Montreal. The last minute or so of the first half was pretty good. Winnipeg was up 15-9, when Montreal coach goes for the onside kick, Montreal keeps possesion, then they get what looks like a touchdown. However, the refs ruled it incomplete even though Montreal challenged it and they went to instant replay. Of course, no ref is going to come out of the replay booth and say - "Oops, sorry, I goofed. It was a touchdown...carry on." So the ref stuck to his story of incomplete even though every replay they showed on TV looked like a touchdown. On top of that, Montreal got a penalty and gets bumped back 10 yards. But with seconds left on the clock, Montreal went for the endzone again, and this time Winnipeg got called for interference. So, with even fewer seconds left on the clock, Montreal gets bumped back up to the 1 yard line. On the next play, they pushed it in for a touchdown with 1 second left in the half.

I don't care who wins the game, but that was fun to watch. They get robbed of a TD by the refs, and then go right back at it and score anyway with 1 second left.

Sure, football can often be 90% sheer boredom, but you get down to the last couple minutes of a half in a close game, and it suddenly can get really interesting...

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