Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend blues...

...So, after reading yesterday's long-ass post, who agrees with me and Bill Murray from Scrooged?

Got caught up on this weeks lack of sleep, killing off most of the afternoon. Did see some classic NHL action, tho. Gretzky's last cup - 88 Oilers vs Bruins. Now that was good hockey, end to end action, good saves, nice passes. Not like todays clutch and grab crap. I'm not even missing the hockey season this year...I figure Bettman already ruined the game anyway, so if these idiots can't figure out a way to share billions, screw'em there, end rant.

Spent some time converting some VHS clips to MPG files on my computer...I am really liking this Hauppauge PVR 250 card. Very slick and easy to bloatware in sight, which is a nice change of pace. Now its on to learning the DVD burning software, which is a different company, so hello bloatware...

Oh well, thats it...time to get back to the Miami Vice marathon....what?....WHAT? yeah, you read that right...later

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