Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It's Called Snow... I woke up this morn to a nice layering of snow everywhere...musta got a couple inches during the night. cool, just the way I like it. I'd rather have it cool with snow or rain than endure typical August heat, but that's just me...
The drive to work was fun. It was like the Dukes of Hazzard in snow...power sliding around corners...very cool. Speaking of which, I saw some pics on the net (shoulda blogged 'em, oh well) of Jessica Simpson on the set of the new Dukes of Hazzard movie they're shooting. She looks alright, but I gotta say she's no Catherine Bach. Not. Even. Close. and who's the genius that decided to do a Dukes theatrical film and have a Blonde Daisy Duke?! What's next, a purple General Lee? Willie Nelson is playing Uncle Jesse, so if Uncle Jesse is gonna have a ponytail, I guess they're taking 'creative license' on this project to a whole new level.
Anyway, finally got a half-decent nights sleep, and all I had to do was haul my mattress to a different location to get away from whatever the hell is motoring and rattling on the other side / inside / below my wall. It was worth it tho, as I think I only woke up a couple of times. The downside is that I have no more living room floor. The upside is I can be in bed and watch my big screen TV. I like the upside.
Got home late, but just in time to watch the Daily Show for my daily newsworthy info...Very Funny stuff. I was laughing through the whole news segment. According to C.Rice, Saddam was "cavorting with terrorists". Cavorting?! I like the Jon Stewart comeback of how we've gone from a search for WMD's (which was futile) as the reason for the war to Sadaam was 'cavorting'. It was probably just a poor choice of words on her part, but it was unintentionally hilarious. Oh, and I've got to check out that new '' site. If you saw the show, you'll know what I mean. Even the guy doing the bit was cracking up.
'nuff said for now.

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