Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"One's a Couple, Baby...Two's a Crowd"

...Nothing much new today. Work's a drag, but what else is new? I'm currently trying to bring a lame hard drive back from the dead. It's actually spinning and now formatting, so there may be hope. Formatting is going damn slow, but at least it is forward movement...

Looked at Future Shop's website for Hard drives and noticed that Maxtor's brand was now mixed together with Cicero. As far as I know, Cicero is a cheaper (read: low-end) product. Then someone tells me that he heard a certain computer company is no longer using Maxtor as they have gone downhill. When did this happen and why doesn't somebody tell me these things? Maxtor used to be one of the best. I guess now its more Seagate and Western Digital. Oh well...picked up a 160GB WD for $120 (not at Future Shop). That's 75 cents per Gig. I remember when 40 MEG was a big deal...I feel old...

Feeling in a bit of a funk today...trying to snap out of it listening to Montgomery Gentry kicking ass singing the Bon Jovi song Wanted Dead or Alive...very cool tune. 'course, I've also had Restless Heart's Fast Movin' Train on repeat too...not to mention listening to a preview of Lee Ann Womacks new album from (sounds like a damn good album and a return to country by Womack. I'll be buying it on Feb 8th to be sure. The first single 'I may Hate Myself in the Morning' is good, but the track 'One's a Couple' is just killer good country music) hmmm, to quote Rob from the movie High Fidelity - "Do I listen to pop music because I'm depressed, or am I depressed because I listen to pop music?" In this case, country, but there you go...maybe when I'm done here, I'll go home and watch that flick. Highly recommended movie - life and relationships from a guy's perspective...chicks may not get much out of it, but guys will understand every line..............."When will it end?!" (Thank you Rob)

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (January 28, 2005 6:29 PM) : 

My 200gig Maxtor drive started giving me errors about a year after I got it. Running the diagnostic floppy they recommend caused it to detect and fix the errors. I don't know how long that will last though.

Most of the large disks I've had have eventually gone bad, but the Western Digital have lasted fairly well. I was quite disappointed with Maxtor's disk going flakey so soon, so I'm not eager to buy another any time soon, nor am I eager to recommend them.

I still have to see if they will replace it. I don't relish the battle with them on the phone, so I keep pushing it off.

I think 160gig is the sweet spot right now, and WD is all we use at work here (I think for price reasons). I hope your new disk gives you many years of faithful service.


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