Monday, January 24, 2005

Pass the Salt...

So the other week, I get my quarterly post-kidney transplant checkup and out of the blue, I'm told I gotta watch my cholestorol. Ok. Talk about a surprise, since I'm not overweight and my diet is pretty repetitive. So the dietician goes over all the info and gives me the good news. I've got so much diet info in my head now that I can't keep straight the dialysis diet and the post transplant diet. People, there is such a thing as too much friggin' information.

Anyway, the gist of it was - "What are you still eating? Ok, get rid of that too." Haha. not quite that bad, but you get the idea. So armed with this new knowledge, I head to the grocery store and spend way too much time reading labels. Long story short, dang near everything I pick up goes back on the shelf. However there were a few surprises. The bread I was eating (white, natch) had no cholestorol in it. Same with the Jello vanilla puddings. Go figure. Anything in the bakery though, was a heart stopping blend of cholestorol and fat. I kept looking tho, and made it out with some basics including light peanut butter and Ultra low fat Miracle Whip. Not just light, mind you - Ultra light! It tastes like shit tho, so its definately an acquired taste and I've pretty much got all the tastes I really want, so I'm not looking to acquire any more.

The really interesting thing I ran across during my label-reading, hunger-inducing, exercise in futility was when I read the label for the small can of Chunky's Chicken Noodle soup/stew concoction. The sodium listed was over 1000mg!! This, mind you, was in a can no bigger than my fist and way smaller than the other stuff on the shelf. Hell, the bigger can of Chili I had picked up earlier had less. 1000mg sure seems high for so little payoff in edible satisfaction. I mean, why don't I just open my mouth and empty the salt shaker right in and cut out the middle man? Needless to say, I won't be buying any more of that. So there. End Rant.

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