Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shiny Apples

So much for that March 24 date. Apple quietly updated their desktop line and a few other things today. The iMacs got some good speed bumps, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule got updated, but the Mac Mini update is what I've been waiting for.

The Mini now has the new Nvidia graphics, same as the laptops and a huge improvement over the old Intel GMA950. It's got DDR3 Ram in it too, although the low end version comes with only 1GB (really?!). On the back, it's got 5 (yep, 5!) USB ports, firewire 800, and this is where it gets interesting - both a mini-DVI and mini-Display ports so that you can now power two displays off it. There's been a lot of people wanting that for a long time. And all this in about the smallest desktop package you can get.

The downside is, I think they actually raised the price. The low end version starts at $729 Canadian which I think is about $80 more than what they were selling the old one for. Guess I'll be looking at some older refurbs, see what they come in at.

So, back to the Apple website I go...

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