Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Beats New, Movies and Apples

Woke up today and flipped on the TV. Surfed for a bit, then stumbled across Keys Largo on TCM. Another classic Bogie and Bacall movie. Unfortunately, I missed the first part, but the last half was great from what I watched. Going to have to watch the whole thing soon. Basically, they're holed up in a hotel with a mobster as a hurricane hits the keys and he's trying to complete a shady deal. Bogart's a returning soldier, maybe a wiseguy, and effortlessly cool. Bacall and him exchange looks while the mobster carries on. You're not exactly sure who's going to make it, and there's even some good action at the end. Yep, love the old classics. Then I flipped around the channels and landed on MuchMoreMusic playing XXX2 (the box office bomb with Ice Cube). Talk about culture shock going from a Bogart movie to a lame cash in sequel with some of the worst CGI ever and a dude who can't act. Needless to say, I didn't finish watching it.

I moved on to hacking an Apple TV. Following a beginners guide on the AwkwardTV wiki, I've got the first half done and have network access to the unit without cracking it open. Wasn't too hard either. Very nice. Now on to getting it complete and usable with more than the one or two codecs it ships with. Oh, and this is hacking a version 1.0. Any of the newer software versions require more risk and expertise than I'm up for at the moment.

Then I read the latest Punisher issues #55. This is the start of Garth Ennis' final arc on the title, and I think he's going out with a gut wrenching bang, wrapping up points that have been brewing all through his epic run and going right back to his graphic novel Born as well. Great first issue that has an appearance from Nick Fury getting thoughtful about the cost of war, and the one thing that just might bring the Punisher down. Can't wait to see how this finishes over the next few months.

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