Sunday, July 22, 2007

Me Mini Comic Reviews: Wolverine Origins Annual 1

WOLORIGANN001_int-0I managed to read the new Wolverine Origins Annual #1, and really enjoyed it. There's not much in forward plot movement in the whole "origins" storyline until the last panel, but as a stand alone Logan story, it's good. It reads like a noir-ish tale focusing on Logan's time in Madripoor circa WWII. He's back there now, looking for someone, and we get to read the tale in flashbacks before moving back to the current timeline as Wolverine goes searching for a link to his past. There's also the requisite femme fatale that isn't what she initially seems and more introspection into Logan's mind. All in all, it works well, and writer Daniel Way really seems to have Logan's tone and outlook down by now.

The art by Kaare Andrews is really great, in my opinion. As much as I like Steve Dillon's art as the regular on Wolverine Origins, it seems too 'clean' for a Wolverine title. Kaare Andrews style is darker and grittier and really works well for this story in the dark Madripoor. The backgrounds and colors all flow together smoothly, and some of the in between panel shots of close ups of Logan's eyes work great to convey his intensity at that moment. I'd like to see more of Andrews on Wolverine titles.

Overall, I'd say it's worth the $4.75. Good story, great art.

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