Tuesday, July 17, 2007

32 To 17

So, the 32" Westinghouse TV/monitor went back to Best Buy today. It was a great TV, great for movies, but not a good computer monitor. I should have known, but it was worth a shot. Now it's back to the drawing board on upgrading my system. I'm still going to get a MAC laptop, but I want a nice big monitor to plug it into at times. We'll see...

Back to my good ol' BenQ 17" monitor for now, and it just keeps going. I've been pretty happy with this BenQ monitor, so I might stick with the brand if I can find a good deal.

Till then, I'll get back to planning out my Media Center PC (NOT with Windows :) to run or rip my TV on DVD sets through. I'll be cutting back the cable package as it's movie selection is just pathetic (I'd rather being reading my comics or novels I have on the shelf), and if I wasn't getting it for half price for these 4 months, I'd be pretty upset at the money drain. See ya later TMN, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

And having read through a bunch more Garth Ennis Punisher MAX comics, I'm itching to get back to writing some more of my amateur hour stories myself. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration going here again...

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