Friday, July 06, 2007

DVI to HDMI to VG Eh?

Not much in the way of posting lately as I've been busy researching and trying some tech stuff while trying to upgrade my system. And here's a tip - don't bother trying to use a 32" Westinghouse LCD TV as a computer monitor. Nice idea in theory, not so great in execution. Even if they say you can use it as a computer monitor. Not unless you want to go cross eyed reading the text.

I guess the answer lies in the difference between computer monitors and TV's. It's the resolution. Computer monitors always have way higher resolutions than TV's. To buy a TV with that kind of resolution, you're looking at 1080P categories, and that's too expensive. Especially since they are now coming out with 24 and 26" computer monitors.

Oh well, back to the drawing board for redoing my setup here...

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