Monday, January 15, 2007

Lost Producers Determining End Date -

Lost Producers Determining End Date -

Now this is smart. I don't watch Lost, so I'm not any kind of fan of the show. However, I like this line of thinking. The producers and network are working out ahead of time the conclusion point and end date of the series. Then they'll know how to write the convulted saga to the end.

More TV shows should do this. Work out the contracts and negotiate with the studio the length of the series. Then write your story to its logical conclusion, hopefully before the writing goes off the tracks and people get sick of it. Trying to extend a show on a year by year basis hoping you get ratings and an extended contract usually results in a once good show limping along until the plug is pulled too late afer everyone has stopped caring. (see X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Moonlighting, Will & Grace, ER, etc) Tell a good story, end it, and then go on and tell a different story instead of prolonging the same old thing beyond all reason...

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