Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stupid CMT Canada...

So the other day I finally caught the new Keith Urban video for the song Stupid Boy on CMT Canada. Then, wouldn't you know it, CMT goes and cuts about 2 minutes off the end. Where the song goes into a bit of a quiet lull right before a fantastic guitar riff by Keith, CMT in all its wisdom decides thats a great place to cut it off and cram more commercials at us.

And it's actual music, not talking or music video 'acting' of storylines, but actual music that gives a good song a better ending. The whole song seems to build a slow burn to the soaring guitar finish, but good ol' CMT cuts it off.

Well, thanks to YouTube and GAC, we can have the whole edition right here, commercial and TV exec meddling free. I love the internet. Enjoy.

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