Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Movies I Want To See In '07...

Looking at the list, this year doesn't have as much to look forward to as the last two years. The last two years had movies I was really excited about seeing and followed every detail on the web - Sin City, Serenity, X-Men 3, Brick. This year doesn't really have a standout anticipation movie for me like those, with 300 being the closest. Having said that, there are some movies I want to see. Inspired by a post on The Movie Blog, my top 10 would probably go something like this:

1. 300 (Frank Miller graphic novel, best trailer of the year so far)
2. The Lookout (Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After his performance in Brick, this guy is one to watch)
3. Spider-Man 3 (2nd best trailer so far, and a series that just keeps getting better)
4. Shoot 'Em Up (Clive Owen in an action thriller with Monica Belluci. 'nuff said)
5. Shooter (The book was great - interesting to see what the film is like. Just keep the ending)
6. Die Hard 4 (The trailer was underwhelming, but come on, this is Bruce in Die Hard.)
7. 3:10 To Yuma (Christian Bale & Russell Crowe in a Western directed by James Mangold. Should be gold)
8. Hot Fuzz (the trailer is pretty funny)
9. Grindhouse (Rodriguez & Tarantino with back to back features, Kurt Russell, and one heck of a trailer)
10. Killshot (Trailer looks good, and its got Mickey Rourke, so I'll watch it)

Other than that, this summer looks to be a repeat of 2003 - sequelitis. Except for Transformers, the rest of the summer blockbusters are mostly sequels of other movies - Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, Pirates 3, Oceans 13 (#3), Fantastic Four 2, Die Hard 4, Rush Hour 3, The Bourne Ultimatum (#3), Resident Evil 3, and The Simpsons Movie which is basically a run-on from the TV show. The only one guaranteed to be any good is Spider-Man 3. The rest are hit or miss - Pirates 2 was dismal, so 3 is a question mark. Ocean's 13 - really? FF4 didn't hit the ball out on the first one, and its the same director for #2. And The Bourne Ultimatum is one I'd be pumped for if the same director wasn't on board. As it is, he ruined The Bourne Supremacy, so there is no reason to believe he'll do anything but waste another good performance from Matt Damon. Of course, there's Shrek 3, which means more Donkey, so that should be good :)

Long live the sequel. It appears originality in Hollywood is alive and well. What I want to know is this: we get Resident Evil 3, but no sequel to Serenity? Why, oh why?

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Anonymous Marina said ... (January 06, 2007 5:38 AM) : 

Great list. I'd add "Rescue Dawn" to the list. Check out the trailer...


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (January 07, 2007 4:20 AM) : 

Thanks for the link. That looks pretty good, I'll have to add it to the list. Bale is always good, but Steve Zahn in that kind of movie is a bit of a surprise...


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