Saturday, February 18, 2006


Switzerland 2, Canada 0 - Turin 2006 Winter Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

Ok, so nobody saw this coming either. We lost to the Swiss? I've been having a bad feeling about this year's Olympic hockey squad (and no faith in coach Pat Quinn - look what he's done in Toronto this year - not much), and something finally happened to equal it. The only hope from this is that a bit of adversity brings the team together a bit and they play better as a result. In 2002, after they started rough, things turned around and they went on to win the gold, so a kick in the ass might be what they needed. Have to wait and see how the game on Sunday goes...

On a different note, nice to see Paul Dipetro get the goals for the Swiss. He was a sparkplug of a player for Montreal the last time they won the Cup...

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