Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Hockey

Nobody saw this coming. Sweden beat the US in Women’s hockey in a shootout, thanks mostly to Swedish goalie Kim Martin. This is the first time the US or Canadian women’s teams have lost to anybody but each other. Should set up an interesting gold medal round. And as of the time of this post, Canada's Women's hockey team is leading the Finnish team 4-0 halfway through the 2nd period, so it's looking like it'll be a Canada vs Sweden final.

Everybody saw this coming. Dominik Hasek has pulled out of the Olympics for the Czech Men’s Hockey team after an injury. That’s a blow to that team losing their star goalie, but what people on this side of the pond are thinking about is the rest of the NHL season. If Hasek goes down with a serious injury, that’s going to really hurt the Ottawa Senators, who look like a powerhouse team that could win the Cup this year. You knew an injury had to happen to a star player at some point at these games. Imagine being the general manager of an NHL team and watching your star player go down with an injury while they weren’t even playing for your team.

Canada picked up more medals yesterday, and as of right now, we’re in a three way tie for second (with Germany and Russia) for most total medals so far with 11. Go Canada! By the way, Norway leads with 13, US has ten...

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