Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Donuts! STAT!

Well, today did the quarter check up with the docs for the kidney thang…and it went well, all things considered. Kidney seems to be doing ok with it’s ongoing…um, “kidney-ing”. Numbers were in range. So that’s good.

A year ago they took a cholesterol test and it was high at 5.6. It didn’t make sense to me then as I wasn’t eating that out of whack and was in pretty good shape. Still, changed a few things and they took one today, and the bad cholesterol has come down to 2.9. So, yay me. All that not eating and exercise actually works. Who knew? (just kidding) They still want it down to 2.6. Picky, picky, picky :) Anyway, think I’ll go have a donut to celebrate my low cholesterol. ;-)

"Mmmmm, Donuts…Is there anything they can’t do?" - Homer

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