Sunday, February 26, 2006

Odds 'N Ends...

Some TV Quotes that had me laughing:

A funny line from Corner Gas. Hank was building a LEGO model of the town, and Brett wasn't taking it seriously, so he ordered him out:
Hank: You're belittling my art!
Brett: It's building blocks! It's already little. It's pre-littled!

Lorne from an Angel Ep:
"Ok, unless anybody else has something to add, let me be the first to say: What The Hell Was THAT?!"

Lorne again from the Epiphany Ep:
"What's to understand? You think you're the first guy to roll over, saw what was lyin' next to him, and went 'GYAAAAH!'?"

And some anonymous quote from an anonymous show :) [No, I'm not saying which show]
(Guy and Gal talking that disolves into a fight while he's shoveling her walkway)
Guy: I owe you nothing!
Gal: Fine!
Guy: Nothing!
Gal: Fine!
Guy: And shovel your walk! It is a safety hazzard! And you can't just walk past it and ignore the fact that the snow is up to your ass!
Gal: You've got my shovel!
Guy: I loaned it to you three years ago!

Picked up my latest Amazon shipments today. Then traded in a bunch of DVD's and CD's I don't really have any use for anymore at the local used media place and between Amazon's sale and the trade ins, it worked out to a heck of a steal on a couple season sets. I now have the first three seasons of BtVS (yes, after watching the 7th season on TV reruns, I finally cracked and wanted to see this from the beginning :) and the first three seasons of The Shield to work through. I'm getting more and more convinced that watching the seasons on DVD is the only way to do it. Have basic cable for news and sports, and turn to DVD to watch the shows you want to watch, on your timetable. This is especially after I read an article about how the Networks and Cable companies are fearful of and trying to make sure cable doesn't move from "packages" to a "a la carte" channel selection service.

Everyone who has ever had cable has wondered the same thing. Why can't I just pay for the channels I want to watch, instead of these damn expensive package deals? I wanted to have the US Superstations (for baseball games), but not the movie network channels, but with Rogers it's a package that they won't split, so I had to cancel the whole thing on my budget.

Obviously, it all has to do with money, but these networks better figure out other options fast. With the internet making shows available to download and the video iPod coming on strong, the future of TV is going to have to change.

I also got my books on learning sign language from Amazon, so that's going to take some time to see if I have any aptitude for learning it. The one book came with a DVD, so that will help. And even with the shipping, they were cheaper than Chapters. Figure this is the most economical way to start into it, instead of paying one or two hundred dollars on a coarse right out of the gate. We shall see...

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Well, that wasn’t necessary. It’s not like I would leave a sarcastic comment about coffee on your blog…oh wait. Right. How ‘bout that, eh?

Hey, good writing is good writing. The good parts are the one liners from Kirk and Luke. And hey, I’m not the only one.


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