Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bruce Willis Rants


Click on the link to read Willis' rant on a number of subjects when he was supposed to be promoting his new movie 16 Blocks. Some funny stuff and some true stuff too.
His publicist wasn't happy: "After 30 minutes or so of Willis' blunt rants, the Hitlist was left with one indelible image: Willis' longtime publicist, Paul Bloch, covering his face with his hands in disbelief. Bloch was most likely thinking "I pray that they don't print this stuff." Ah, too late..."

And isn't it about time that they just come out and say this is a remake of Eastwood's The Gauntlet? Anybody who's seen the trailer knows that already. And I'm betting that Clint's movie will still be better. How many remakes are ever better than the original? Besides, as cool as Mos Def is, I'd much rather look at Sondra Locke...

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